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With their indepth research of the Santa Fe Trail, the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter felt some sites and trails needed more information. With this in mind the Chapter has placed in prominent locations along the Santa Fe Trail, "Interpretive Markers" to do just that. On these pages you will find a photo of the markers and the text placed on them.

Pike Plaza - Larned, Kansas
The Wet Route
Kearny's Main Force Marker Number Three       Kearny's Main Force Text

In the summer of 1846, several detachments associated with Col. Stephen W. Kearny's Army of the West arrived at the Pawnee River en route to Santa Fe at the onset of the Mexican War. Kearny's main force, Lt. William H. Emory's topographical engineers, and the Mormon Battalion all experienced difficult crossings.

Kearny's Main Force

The river, swollen by recent showers, was impassable. Col. Kearney, however, with his accustomed energy, determined not to delay. He therefore, caused trees to be felled across the deep, rapid current. This was the labor of a day. On the trunks of these trees the men passed over, carrying with them their sick, arms, accoutrements, tents, and baggage. In this manner the principal loading of the wagons was also transported. Our animals were forced to swim the stream. The wagons, the bodies being made fast to the running gear, were next floated across by means or ropes attached to them and hauled up the hill by manual power. This immense labor having been accomplished without serious accident or loss, on the 17th Col. Kearney put his whole column in motion.

John Taylor Hughes
July 17, 1846

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