Edwards County, Kansas

"DRY ROUTE" (Fort Coon & Larned Airport)

Dry Route and Fort Coon Marker

DAR Marker Number 57; The Marker was moved to the Larned Airport in 1950 from the Fort Coon area west of Kinsley, Kansas. In 1996, The number of Markers already in the Larned area warranted the return of this one to Edwards County at the earliest opportunity. That opportunity arose in early 1997. Since this Marker has a history of moving, the decision was to return it to the original location on the Dry Route. The Peace Lutheran Cemetery Board was approached and gave approval to have the Marker moved to the cemetery. It was reset with a new base on November 7, 1997. US 56 to old 183, east side of Kinsley, north 6.7 miles to the Pieace Lutheran Cemetery on the east side.
Section 27, Township 23 South, Range 19 West
GPS: N38 01.720 -- W099 24.335


One Half Mile West of Ardell Kansas

DAR Marker Number 58; This marker sits on the Dry Route at the Ardell train stop. US 50/56, 4.7 miles southwest of Kinsley on the south side of the road in a turnout.
Section 3, Township 25 South, Range 20 West
GPS: N37 54.043 -- W099 30.308


Nettleton Station Marker

DAR Marker Number 59; The Marker sits near the old train stop of Nettleton on The Wet Route of the Santa Fe Trail. The Marker is in a well kept triangle along the highway. US 56, one mile southwest of the Edwards/Pawnee County Line on the north side of the highway.
Section 7, Township 24 South, Range 18 West
GPS: N37 59.167 -- W099 20.585


Sits in a Park on the West Side of Kinsley Kansas

DAR Marker Number 60; The Marker was originally set in the southeast part of Kinsley, Kansas. Dedicated on September 3, 1907, the 33rd anniversary of the organization of Edwards County, it commemorates the June 18, 1848, Comanche attack on seventy-six Missouri Volunteers on their way to Mexico. The Missourians armed with breech loading carbines fought off three Comanche charges. The Marker was moved at some point to the west side of Kinsley, Kansas, Near the corner of US 56 & Winchester Street, just east the train engine in the park.
Now in 2005, this marker has once again been moved to in front of the Edwards County Museum entrance.
Section 32, Township 24 South, Range 19 West
GPS: N37 55.032 -- W099 25.345

"WET ROUTE" (Offerle)

Small Park in Offerle Kansas

DAR Marker Number 61; The Marker was originally set on the Wet Route southeast of Offerle along the Arkansas river. In the fall of 1997, we understand that the landowners would like to return it to its original location in Section 35, Township 25 South, Range 20 West. Watch for this Marker to be moved during 1998, as there is a disproportionate number of Markers on the Dry Route and that was not the intent in 1906. US 50/56 to South Walnut on the west edge of Offerle in the tiny park by the Indian.
Section 7, Township 25 south, Range 20 West
GPS: N37 53.458 -- W099 33.692

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