Site F-6 - Interpretive Marker Text

Parker/Boyd Ranche Site Marker

BRANCH: The Post-1859 Dry Route
DESIGNATION: Parker-Boyd Ranche
LOCATION: From the Site F-5 Marker, proceed south 64 yards, right .1 mile across the bridge, and left .2 mile around the bend in the river to the marker. If the bridge is closed because of high water, from Site F-5, return .3 mile to Larned State Hospital entrance and proceed left 1 mile to K-156. There, turn left 2 miles, left 1 mile to a farm access road, left 1.5 miles, and right .2 mile to the marker.
GPS AT MARKER: N38 10.315 -- W99 09.806
USGS AERIAL PHOTO: Parker/Boyd Ranche Site
MODERN DAY MAP: Santa Fe Trail Map Pawnee County, Kansas
TOPOGRAPHIC MAP: Topographic Map
HISTORIC DESCRIPTION: Location of a trading ranch established by Samuel Parker in 1865, later operated by A. H. Boyd.
DISTANCE: From Pawnee crossing (Site F-5), 1/4 mile.

U.S. Military Reservation At Ft. Larned Kansas Surveyed and Laid-off Apl-1867 by 1st Lieut. M. R. Brown. UsS. Corps of Eng's. Chief Engineer Dept of the Mo. Fort Larned National istoric Site Research Collection.

COMMENTS: Parker also operated the ranch (Site C-1) near The Wet Route crossing of Pawnee Fork.
LEGAL DESCRIPTION: NE 1/4, Section 2, T-22-S, R-17-W, Pawnee County, Kansas.

Parker/Boyd Ranch Site Plaque

Township 22 South of Range 17 West, Pawnee County, Kansas Township 22 South of Range 17 West, Pawnee County, Kansas

West of (Site F-6), The Post-1859 Dry Route pursued the south bank of Pawnee Fork to Fort Larned; thence southwest to Big Coon Creek Crossing (Site E-7) & (Site F-13). As the Fort Larned Military Reservation was excluded from the original township survey map; and as no Wet/Dry Routes Chapter markers are placed on the property of the Fort Larned National Historic Site, directions will be given from (Site F-6) to the next location on The Post-1859 Dry Route (Site F-7). However, The Post-1859 Dry Route has been transposed to the original township survey map in accordance with Brown's 1867 map cited in the above.

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