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     Fort Larned Outpost is the official publication of the Fort Larned Old Guard, Inc., a nonprofit, 501 (c)(3), corporation chartered in the State of Kansas. It is also the newsletter of Fort Larned National Historic Site. The mission of Fort Larned Old Guard is “to assist Fort Larned National Historic Site in restoring, preserving, developing, and interpreting the site’s cultural, historical, and natural resources for the benefit of the public.” Letters and articles are welcome, and they become the property of OUTPOST and may be edited or abridged at the editors’ discretion. All rights reserved.

     Membership in the Fort Larned Old Guard is open to all individuals, families, businesses, and institutions. Classes of annual membership for individuals and families are Private ($15-$24), Corporal ($25-$49), Sergeant ($50-$74), Lieutenant ($75-$99), Captain ($100-$149). Nonprofit organizations join as Camp Follower ($30 and above) and businesses may join annually as Sutler ($40 and above). Life membership is available as Career Officer ($300 in one payment or 3 annual installments of $100). Membership fees should be sent to Linda Peters, 1035 S Bridge St, Lakin KS 67860. Annual memberships are for the calendar year and expire on December 31. Other donations are always welcome.

Fort Larned Old Guard Officers
Fort Larned Old Guard Editor: Leo E. Oliva, PO Box 1, Woodston KS 67675, 888-321-7341,
Fort Larned Editor: Ben Long, 1767 K - 156 Hwy, Larned, KS 67550, 620-285-6911
Fort Larned Old Guard Chair: Janet Armstead, 1806 2nd Ave, Wamego, KS 66547, 785-458-9222
Fort Larned Old Guard Vice-Chair: Rex Abrahams, 1708 27th Ave, Canton, KS 67428, 316-393-7890,
Fort Larned Old Guard Secretary: Kristin Keith, 527 W 4th St, Larned KS 67550, 620-804-1170
Fort Larned Old Guard Treasurer: Kathleen, Fooster 734 R5 Rd Pawnee Rock. Ks, 620-285-5855

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     Linda Peters {}
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Fort Larned NHS Superintendent: Betty Boyko, 1767 K-156 Hwy, Larned KS 67550, 620-285-6911
Fort Larned Old Guard Web Master: Larry & Carolyn Mix, 620-546-3541
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