DAR Marker Locations
State of New Mexico
on the
Santa Fe Trail

     "Raton Pass"
At exit 6 on I25 south of Trinidad, the marker sits on a lava stone base. This marker is in Colorado, but the Raton Pass straddles the Colorado/New Mexico border so it has been listed in both Colorado and New Mexico Marker lists.

In Ripley Park the marker is located in the southwest corner of the Park at 2nd and Savage Streets.

At a location at the Tinaja Rest Stop on I-25 is the location of this marker.

Near the approach to the highway bridge over Vermefo Creek is the location of a marker.

On the Highway 21, in front of the St. James Hotel, the marker is on the northwest corner behind the fence.

     "Philmont Ranch"
Highway 21 is the Boy Scout Ranch named Philmont. Just past it is the library and museum, sitting in front of the library is this marker.

Also located on Highway 21 is the site of the House of Kit Carson. In front of this house is another DAR Marker.

At the northbound rest stop for the Fort Union National Historical Site on I25 north of Watrous is the location of a marker.

     "Wagon Mound"
In the town of Wagon Mound in front of the Municipal Building is the DAR marker location.

This marker is in the southbound Fort Union Rest Stop.

     "Las Vagas Plaza"
There is a marker in the plaza of the town of Las Vagas, New Mexico.

On the southwest corner of the plaza in the town of Tecolote the marker sits to be viewed.

From I25 take the Bernal exit and proceed south to a T in the road, turn east and about 50 yards to a grove of trees on the south side of the road is a marker in this grove of trees.

     "San Jose del Vado"
This location is about a block from the southeast corner of the plaza.

     "Kozlowski Ranch"
At the headquarters of the Forked Lightning Ranch, about three and one half miles from the I25 exit 307 on the east side of the road near the corner of the ranch house is a marker.

East of the Glorieta Railroad Station on the north side of the road and south of the railroad is the marker location.

At the end of the westbound offramp, at exit 294 on I-25 is the location of this lost and then found DAR Marker. {Story at bottom of page}

     "El Gancho Inn"
Four miles east of Santa Fe behind the Old Inn is the marker.

     "End of the Trail"
At the southeast corner of the Santa Fe Plaza is the last of the DAR Markers for the Santa Fe Trail that marks the trail from New Franklin, Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The last time that I was down to look at this marker there was something on the marker that was wrong. Has anyone else noticed the mistake in this marker?

Note on DAR Marker
Taken From Wagon Tracks August 1987
Canoncito, New Mexico     
About a year ago Charles Davis of Albuquerque discovered a Santa Fe Trail marker in the yard of a garage apartment he owns. Far from the Trail, the gray granite slab contained an inscription indicating that it was placed by the DAR in 1910. How it reached Davis's property remains a mystery, but Marc Simmons thinks it may be the one stolen from a spot about 15 miles southeast of Santa Fe some time ago.

     The DAR placed 18 markers in New Mexico, and at one time three of those were missing. Two others were found, but the one placed near the village of Cononcito remained lost. Simmons believes this may be it, and he hopes arrangements can be made to return it to that place. Davis hopes so, too, as he said "I was about to haul the blamed thing to the dump."

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