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Booth Tour Bus

Trolley Tours Come To Larned, Kansas

     Visitors to Larned, Kansas can now try out a new mode of transportation to see the historic sites around Larned, Kansas and Pawnee County.

     The "Booth Bus", as it is being called was used during the May 23, 1998 Santa Fe Trail Days celebration to transport people around the area for the history events that are taking place at that time, it will go on to be used for a variety of future events. The Booth Bus will be available to any group in the community, so long as it is used for apropriate functions. The development of the Booth Bus has been an ongoing project of the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail. The Booth Bus will be used in many other special event that comes along.

     In addition to the local Wet/Dry Routes Chapter, many private individuals, area businesses, students, and service clubs made the project possible. This hard working bunch of individuals are to be commended for the insight of just what this project means to the community as a whole. It gives the visitor to the "Santa Fe Trail" one more attraction to take in while they are in Larned, Kansas and the surrounding area. Our fore fathers chose to preserve the history of the area in and around Pawnee, County and we are proud to show anyone who is intrested just what this community has to offer.

     The Booth Bus will be available for convention groups, the list would be endless of the possible people and groups that might need a special program while visiting this area. It will be manned by a local volunteer, someone in the community that is up on the local history and present it in an informative manner thus making the experience of riding the Booth Bus a trip to remember and tell their friends about when they get home.

     "Come Take A Ride On The Booth Bus"

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