"Stewart Ruts"
on the
Santa Fe Trail

GPS: 37-44-31N/099-33-38W

Stewart Ruts Ford County Kansas
"Santa Fe Trail Ruts"

     One Sunday morning Larry & Carolyn Mix were heading to Dodge City, Kansas. We were going down the trail checking GPS readings at a marker for the "Directory of Santa Fe Trail Sites" book on the Wet Route between Kinsley, Kansas and Dodge City. After taking the GPS reading we pulled up to a cattle guard to turn around on this single lane road to go back out. There before us "Pristine Santa Fe Trail ruts" highlighted in the morning dew and sunlight.

     At this site there is a prime example of just how the trail looked as far as width and different ruts. At this site you can clearly see the main trail lays in the middle, with four and five ruts on each side of the main one. The main trail is the deepest and widest of all the ruts at this site. These rust run for over three quarter of a mile across this virgin pasture in northeast Ford County, Kansas.

     It doesn't get any better than this on the Old Santa Fe Road!!

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