"Warner Ranch Markers"
on the
Fort Hays/Fort Dodge Road
Ford County, Kansas

Another View of the Corner Marker

Northeast Corner Marker of Fort Dodge Kansas

Top of Northeast Corner Marker
Location of the
"Northeast Corner Marker"
Fort Dodge, Kansas

     The Fort Dodge Military Reservation was established by excutive order of President Andrew Johnson on June 22, 1868. By establishing the lands surrounding the fort as a military reservation the area was set aside for military use and could not be settled under the pre-emption act or sold under any other laws. This was done in accordance to an act of Congress dated June 12, 1858 which stated that ". . . said lands (military reservations) shall not be subject to sale or pre-emption under any of the laws of the United States . . ." The boundries of the Fort Dodge Military Reservation were described in General Orders, No. 17, dated May 29, 1868, as:

     "The initial point is three miles nine hundred and ninety-three yards east 23 degree 47' south of the flagstaff; thence the boundry of the reservation runs fourteen miles north, thence four miles and one-half west, thence one mile south 26 degree west, thence ten miles south, thence three miles west, thence four hundred and nineteen yards south to the north bank of the Arkansas River, thence along the north bank of the said river in the southeasterly direction to the initial point."

     The points of the compass mentioned are true points, not magenetic . . . .

     At each corner of the reservation a cut stone of gray sandstone is sunk, having "U.S. Mil. Res." chiseled on one side. Every half mile along the boundary line there is a wooden stake painted "U. S. Mil. Res." The stone at the southeast corner is set back fifteen feet with a stake at the edge of the bank.
     (General Orders, No. 17 cited in House Report No. 723, 46th Congress, 2nd Session)

     The Fort Dodge Military Reservation was surveyed in March 1868 by Lieutenant H. Jackson, 7th U.S. Cavalry. As described, the reservation included "67 square miles 581 acres and 1,680 square yards, more or less," or a total of approximately 43,461 acres of land.
     (General Orders No. 17 cited in House Report No 723, 46th Congress, 2nd Session)

     On the Warner Ranch at the Hodgeman/Ford County line is the location of this unusal marker. In the early days of the ranch while Mr. Warner was farming he came across this "Stone Post" sticking out of the ground about four to six inches. Upon digging the post out of the ground he found markings on the post that indicated this to be the Northeast Corner Marker for the Fort Dodge Military Reservation.
     On the top of the marker is a mark that shows this corner of the Military Reservation. The Warner Family has placed this "Original Corner Marker" on a concrete base so that it will not be lost to the elements again.
     This is just one of the many ways the Warners have taken care of the History of Kansas on the Warner Ranch.

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