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Westport Landing
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Wet/Dry Routes Chapter
Symposium "2003"

     The steamboat John Hancock arrived at a rocky ledge on the Missouri River about four miles north of the newly founded town of West Port in the spring of 1834. There, a shipment of goods was put ashore for John McCoy, West Port's principal merchant. Subsequently, that location became known as Westport Landing, a major terminus of the Santa Fe Trail. In 1838, fourteen men, including McCoy, purchased a 257 acre parcel which included the landing, organized a town company, and established a municipality named Kansas, the precursor of Kansas City. In 1851, the town was described by Paul Wilhelm, Duke of Wuerttemburg:

     Kansas town is quite picturesquely settled on some hills along the Kansas River near its junction with the much bigger Missouri. The main street is about thirty feet above the water level. The houses are of both baked brick and boards, the latter called frame houses. It is a lively little place. Here most travelers bound for the west purchase what they require for their long overland journey.

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Untitled "1848"

Kanzas City "1852"

Westport "1850"

Landing "1867"

Landing "1937"

Kansas City, Mo. "1858"

Trading at Westport
Westport Landing
Kansas City

Untitled "1855"

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