"Last Chance Store"
Woodston, Kansas 67675

Old Last Chance Store

     Erected by Tom Hill in 1857, the Last Chance Store was, for a brief period of time, the last opportunity for freighters bound for Santa Fe to pick up supplies for their journey, hence its name. It is also the oldest commercial building in Council Grove. The building has served as post office facilities, government trading house and poling place.
Council Grove, Kansas

#T-1 Back issues of Wagon Tracks
Please Specify Issue(s) Wanted
#T-2 Binder, Three-Ring Note Book
With Santa Fe Trail Logo For Back Issues
(Holds Up To 2" In Thickness)
#T-3 Inserts, Plastic Holders
With Holes For Three-Ring Binder, Permits Placing Of Newsletters
Magazines, etc. Into Binder Without Punching Holes
(Available Only In Units Of One Dozen, Price Per Dozen)

All Prices Include Tax and Shipping Charges in The "USA ONLY".
Foreign orders should check on Shipping Cost first before sending any money.
When ordering please include the;
"Order Number" and "Item Description" and "Price"
Prepayment is required on individual orders.
Chapters and Institutions will be billed.
Quantity discounts available on some items.
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Leo & Bonita Oliva
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Woodston, Kansas 67675
(888) 321-7341
FAX (785) 425-6865

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