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"Faye Anderson Award"
January 11, 1998

Faye Anderson Award 1997
David Clapsaddle

    On January 11, 1998 at the Spring meeting of the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter, the 1997 Faye Anderson Award Committee made the presentation of their selection for the Award given to a person of the Chapter every year from 1994. This year it is David Clapsaddle.

     David has over the years been given many awards, local and national, for his work in the research and recording of the history on the Santa Fe Trail. David has done most of the research for the marking projects the Chapter has been involved in. He has written several articles for the Kansas Historical Society, along with several in the Santa Fe Trail Newsletter "Wagon Tracks".

     Just a few of the many things that David is involoved in are; Writing Books, Speaker on History, Tour Guide, Post Hole Digger, Editor for the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter Newsletter "Traces", Program Director for the Chapter, Project Manager and Researcher for the Marking of the Fort Hays/Fort Dodge Road, Wet/Dry Routes, Beyond the Wet/Dry Routes, Owl Creek Crossing and the Antonio Chavez Marker, Organizing the Seven Projects for the Eagle Scouts in Edwards County "Eagle Service Award Project", Research and Editor for the Chapter's Auto Tour Guides, First Person Interpretations of Historical Characters; Richard Blinn, George Bent, James Mead/Jesse Chisholm, Seth Hays, Joke Teller, and his latest project along with two other partners is the restoration of "Sibley's Camp" 502 West Second, in Larned, Kansas.

     David Clapsaddle is well deserving of this award. To put David's leadership in prospective with the Old Trail days; The wagon trains that crossed the Santa Fe Trail moved with the help of hundreds of people on the wagon train, but there was only one man that was in charge and kept the train moving along at a steady pace, that was the Wagonmaster.

David is the "Wagonmaster" around this part of the Santa Fe Trail!

David's books and articles can be obtained through the Chapter and in the Kansas Historical Society Quarterly booklet.

The Wet and Dry Routes of the Santa Fe Trail
Kansas History
Kansas Historical Society

The Fort Hays/Fort Dodge Road
Kansas History
Kansas Historical Society

A. H. Boyd: Entrepreneur of the Prairie
Larned, Kansas: The Larned Tiller and Toiler

Henry Booth: Big Pawnee Chief
Larned, Kansas: The Larned Tiller and Toiler

Tim McCarthy: The Little General
Larned, Kansas: The Larned Tiller and Toiler

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