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Leon Unruh
Recieves Faye Anderson Award
January 20, 2013

Plaque Given To Leon Unrugh
Larry & Carolyn Mix and Joan Forest
Larry & Carolyn Mix and Joan Forest, Daughter of Faye Anderson
Accepting for Leon Unruh of Fairbanks, Alaska

     Many of you've never heard of Leon Unruh or {pawneerock dot org}. He lives in Fairbanks, Alaska and maintains a website on one of the most famous Santa Fe Trail landmarks along its route. The one and only Pawnee Rock.

     Leon Unruh, is the creator and editor of PawneeRock.org. He was born in Larned, Kansas and raised in Pawnee Rock. He created PawneeRock.org as a way of keeping in touch with his hometown. He wants his sons to understand what the town's like, and to show Pawnee Rock off to others, all the time preserving the memories and history of it. On Leon's website he not only has hundreds of historic photos along with the history of the Rock, but also the town and the people living their now and in the past.

     After graduating from the University of Kansas, Leon worked at newspapers in Wichita, Austin, Dallas and Anchorage. He got his start in journalism at home, typing and publishing the "Pawnee Rock Informer" every week or two from fifth through seventh grades. Now Leon edits books and websites and is the editor at the Alaska Native Language Center in Fairbanks, Alaska.

     Leon's sister, Cheryl, lives in Emporia, where she writes a column for the Emporia Gazette. She also has a website, {flyoverpeople dot net} Some of you may have known his Dad well. He may have driven your school bus or delivered your mail, and as a 4-H leader he might have taught you how to make a cabinet. Maybe he dug and cared for a relative's grave at the Pawnee Rock township cemetery.

     Like most of the kids in town, Leon was involved in many things. Among them were the Pawnee Rockets (later Pawnee Rockers) 4-H Club, the Boy Scouts, the Mennonite church, and football, basketball and track. After the Pawnee Rock high school was closed, Leon enrolled at Macksville High. Leon marched with the Argonne Rebels in Great Bend for three years. Leon earned money by bucking bales, topping milo, mowing the Rock and helping his Dad dig graves at three cemeteries.

     With a darkroom in his bedroom, Leon took thousands of photos of Pawnee Rock and other towns; many of them were published in the Larned Tiller & Toiler and the Great Bend Tribune. A lot of them are being published again on PawneeRock dot org, for the world to enjoy and learn about this famous landmark and campsite on the Santa Fe Trail.
     Faye Anderson Award of 2013.
     Thanks for your time and effort Leon!
     Larry & Carolyn Mix

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