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Zimmerman Internet Service Award

    At the January 3, 1999 meeting of The Wet/Dry Routes Chapter, the owner and operator of Zimmerman Internet Services was presented an award in consideration of the excellent service they have provided to The Wet/Dry Routes Chapter for their internet homepage. Mac and his son Jeff, provide the homepage space on their server in St. John, Kansas. They both have provided techincal help for those pages because, as Mac says; "its the right thing to do, and a very worthy cause"

Zimmerman Internet Service Owner Mac Zimmerman

This information is taken from the stjohnks.net web page:
    It all started in October of 1997 when we decided 'to do it'. It became a reality when, on Nov 7, 1997, InterNic issued our domain name stjohnks.net'. With the help of Kansas Web in Great Bend, Kansas and Greensoft Solutions in Lawrence, Kansas we got our server up and running. We took on our first customers on Jan 1, 1998. The ability to setup an internet service was made possible by the St. John Wireless Joint Venture Association which consisted of myself, owner of Zimmerman Photoelectric, two local banks, a local accounting firm and the local school district along with the local library. We banded together to bring in a 256kb phone line to the local school and set up a wireless radio link between the school and the member businesses. The radio link is a 2 mb link that is more than capable of handling all of the message traffic including the internet traffic. (In fact the highest I've seen is 24% usage on the monitor.) By bringing the phone line directly to the school we were able to tie into the school's computer network and have internet access throughout the entire school system and library. For myself I use the radio link to connect dial-in subscribers to the internet via my Windows NT server computer. By joining together in a common cause we were able to afford a large bandwidth phone line that helps our respective businesses do better business and also bring internet access to the local school system where the students can learn and use this new communications medium. So far it has worked out great. Of course we've had bugs to work out, what system doesn't. Most of those problems are now in the past and we have only a few small problems to work on now (and with the constant changing of hardware and software we will, probably, always have something to work on or improve!).

     Our present server is built around an Intel Pentium II, 300mmx processor with 128Mb of ECC SDram. We have four 2.1 GB scsi hard drives that are setup as C and D drives and are mirrored. That is, two of the drives are C and D and the other two drives contain identical information as the C and D drive. That way, if we loose a drive, the duplicate, (mirrored) drive will supply the information and no one but the Webmaster will know a drive was lost. We are using Windows NT version 4.0 as the operating system and presently have 18 US Robotics external modems on the dial-in phone lines for our customers. We have the immediate ability to add 14 more modems and phone lines without any major equipment upgrades. The modem bank arrayed on a shelf, not fancy but it works just fine and makes changing out modems very easy should one fail. The radio transmitter/receiver that sends all of the internet traffic from the modems, via the server network, to the receiver at the school and, from there, to the 256kb phone line is also in the small converted office now ISP.

     That is about all there is to 'about us'. My sons John, Jeff and Joe are constantly helping setup and keep up the web pages of ours and our customers while myself and my brother Jan keep up the server and answer questions. Jeff (17) has done the majority of the work on our web pages and, except for school, spends most of his time on his computer at home (as do his brothers).

Jeff Zimmerman and Mac Zimmerman

     Jeff and Mac Zimmerman enjoying the Kansas Forts Series Paintings at the meeting in Kinsley, Kansas. The paintings are the book covers for Fort Wallace and Fort Hays by Jerry Thomas. Mac was so impressed with the paintings that he bought a framed artist proof of "Monumental Journey" and it now hangs at:

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