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Vol. 2 "1995" No. 4

     The Wet/Dry Routes Chapter conducted its Summer Meeting July 8, 1995 at the Clapsaddle residence in Larned, Kansas. Following a barbecue dinner, the business session included: approval of a fund raising project, selling of ball caps and tee shirts and the purchase of nine plaques to mark the campsites of the Santa Fe Trail Survey tram in Pawnee, Edwards and Ford Counties. Subsequently, a program was presented at the August 31, 1825 Santa Fe Trail survey team campsite in Larned.

Fall Meeting
     The Fall Meeting of the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter will be held at the Haun Museum in Jetmore, Kansas on November 5 at 2:00 p.m. The program to follow will relate to the Fort Hays/Fort Dodge Road which ran through Hodgeman County not far from Jetmore. Hopefully, many history enthusiast from Ellis, Rush, Hodgeman and Ness Counties will be in attendance. The Chapter welcomes their participation as the Fort Hays/Fort Dodge Road which traversed those counties was an essential part of the Santa Fe Trail.

Santa Fe Trail Survey Team Campsites to be Marked
     The Chapter has voted to mark the nine campsites of the survey team which traversed the Santa Fe Trail in present day Pawnee, Edwards, and Ford counties during 1825. As with the other locations previously marked, these sites will be identified, by bronze plaques mounted on lime stones posts. Two of the existing markers which feature brass plaques containing quotes from George Sibley's diary will be reversed so that the bronze plaques will be seen on the front side of the markers and the diary entries on the back side. Those two markers are listed in "A Self Guided Auto Tour of The Santa Fe Trail in Pawnee, Edwards and Ford Counties, Kansas" at Sibley's Camp 2nd and State Streets in Larned, Kansas and Sibley's Ridge, one mile east of Garfield.

Booth Grave Stone Project
     At this writing, the necessary funds to defray expenses for the above stated project have been raised and the grave stones have been delivered. In accordance with project plans, markers will be placed at grave sites of Lucia Booth, wife of Henry Booth, and Nathaniel Booth, Captain Booth's son born in 1870 at Fort Larned. Information will be published in upcoming issues of the "Traces" regarding the contributions to the project and dedication of the grave stones.

Eagle Display Completed
     Seven scouts from Edwards County, in Kansas conducted Santa Fe Trail related projects during 1992-1994. A traveling exhibit which features photographs and information relative to these projects has been completed and will be on display at various locations in the Chapter area. Hopefully, it will find a permanent residence in the Edwards County Historical Museum in Kinsley, Kansas.

August 31, 1825 Santa Fe Trail Survey Team Campsite
     The property at 2nd and State Street in Larned purchased recently by chapter members David Clapsaddle, Bob Rein, and Mildon Yeager has three layers of history. The first relates to the Santa Fe Trail. At this location on August 31, 1825, the Santa Fe Trail survey team camped. The second involves the site being utilized as a stone quarry in the precentury days of Larned, Kansas. The third concerns the Cobb family who purchased the property in 1921, making numerous improvement including the construction of a house in the side of the quarry, one of the first earth homes in the area.

     While stone from this site has been removed in great quantities, the modern traveler can still envision the description written by George Sibley, one of the Survey Commissioners who camped near the location in 1825: "We are now encamped…at the foot of a high rocky hill…some cliffs of soft rock, upon the smooth faces of which are cut the names of many persons, who have at different times passed this way to and from New Mexico."

     The partners are in the process of removing trees, fill dirt, and buildings from the property. The long range goal is to restore the site to its 19th century appearance including the planting of trees mentioned as growing in the area at the time of Sibley's 1825 visit; elm, ash, cottonwood, and willow.

Welcome New Members
     Richard Loney, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Book Review
Heading Southwest
Along the Santa Fe Trail an Activity Book For Children
William E. & Jan C. Hill
Published by Hill House, 91 Wood Road
Centereach, New York, 11710-1619
(1993) 32 Pages

     This book gives a very basic overview of the Santa Fe Trail, followed by several pages of basic facts about the trail with drawings that boys and girls will enjoy coloring. The drawings give special attention to the landmarks and animals that can be found along the trail. Besides the pictures to music, maze, and other puzzles pages.

     This book was designed for use as an educational supplement in the classroom, but will be enjoyed by children at home as well. The activities in the book are designed for both young children and older children as well. Reading level is about third grade, with some help on new words. This book will teach very basic facts about the trail and could be used as an introduction to the Santa Fe Trail, but it should be noted that William Becknell's name was spelled "Bucknell."

Did You Know?
     The Santa Fe Trail landmark called Point of Rocks located four miles west of present day Dodge City was largely destroyed by highway construction in the early 1980's. approaching from the east, the modern day traveler has difficulty in recognizing any particular geology which gave rise to the location's name. However, approaching the landmark from the west, today's traveler can easily observe the stony terrain from which the location's name was derived. The marker for this site has been prepared and will soon be placed, a combined project of the Wet/Dry Route and the Fort Dodge/Dodge City Chapters of the Santa Fe Trail.

Dues are always Due to the
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     Chapter dues in the amount of $10.00 per family, are due at the Winter meeting or may be mailed to Alice Clapsaddle, 215 Mann, Larned, Kansas, 67550. Checks should be made out to the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter. Dues and email addresses are welcome.
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