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Vol. 3 "1996" No. 1

     The Wet/Dry Routes Chapter conducted its Fall meeting at the Haun Museum in Jetmore, Kansas on November 5, 1995. Special guests were recognized from Hodgeman, Ford and Ness counties. Reports were given regarding the Santa Fe Trail Symposium meal, the Booth grave marking project, the fourth Annual Wet/Dry Routes Chapter tour, the recognition of David and Rob Cross for their donation of beef to the Santa Fe Trail Symposium meal, the trail marking project, new members, and the photographic essay project related to the Fort Hays/Fort Dodge Road.

Welcome to the New Members
     Geraldine Davis, Great Bend, Ks -- Elizabeth Duke, Vassar, Ks -- "Wes" Duke, Kansas City, Ks -- Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ford, Jetmore, Ks -- Gaile Gillett, Larned, Ks -- Mr. & Mrs. Vern Steffen, Larned Ks.

Winter Meeting
     The Chapter will conduct it's Winter Meeting at the Kinsley Municipal Building, Kinsley, Kansas on January 14, 1996. The program will be given by Clarence Wadkins, Fort Larned Ranger. Clarence will present a first person interpretation of a Buffalo Soldier from the 10th Cavalry.

Booth Grave Stones Dedicated
     Grave stones for Lucy and Nathaniel Booth were dedicated October 1, 1995 at the Larned Cemetery. Lucy Booth was the wife of Henry Booth, well known military and political figure whose first connection with the Santa Fe Trail was in 1864 when his company was dispatched from Fort Riley following the July 17, incident where Kiowas drove off 172 horses and mules from Fort Larned. Booth later was appointed Post Trader at Fort Larned where their second child Nathaniel was born. Both graves remained unmarked until the Wet/ Dry Routes Chapter placed stones at their final resting place in the summer of 1995.

Boy Scouts Honored
     Boy Scout Troops 283 and 239 of Lewis, Kansas and Kinsley, Kansas respectively, were presented the Award of Merit by the National Santa Fe Trail at the 1995 Santa Fe Trail Symposium. Accepting the awards were Ron Lindberg Scoutmaster of Troop 238, and Richard Wenstrom, Scoutmaster of Troop 239. Individual certificates were presented to seven Eagle Scouts for projects related to the preservation and interpretation of the Santa Fe Trail. Those scouts from Troop 238 were; Aaron Cross, Derrick Barnes, Matt Waldren, Scott Divis and Josh Wollard; From Troop 239; Bart Wenstrom and Travis Wenstrom. Serving as advisors for the project were Chapter members David Clapsaddle, Mildon Yeager and Sally Heit.

Fourth Annual Wet/Dry Routes Tour
     The fourth annual tour of the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter was conducted on October 21, 1995. Twenty-six participants visited the eight campsites of the 1825 Santa Fe Trail survey team in Pawnee, Edwards, and Ford Counties, in addition to the other historic locations along the Wet Route. The group was served lunch at the St. Joseph Parish Hall in Offerle, Kansas. David and Rob Cross were presented Certificates of Appreciation, Wet/Dry Routes T-shirts, and Wet/Dry Routes Ball Caps in recognition of their donation of beef used to serve the Symposium meal. Thanks to Tim and Linda Burghart for reserving the hall and to Alice Clapsaddle for preparing the meal.

T-Shirt and Ball Caps Sales
     The Chapter's sale of T-shirts and ball caps embellished with the Wet/Dry Routes logo got off to a good start at the 1995 Symposium. The T-shirts are available for $10.00 and the ball caps sell for $5.00. Both will be available at regular chapter meetings.

Sibley's Camp
     Chapter members may be interested to know of the progress at Sibley's Camp in Larned, Kansas. The campsite of the 1825 Santa Fe Trail Survey; cleared of trees and outbuildings, is beginning to take on the likeness of its precentury appearance. A special on-site program to inform the public of plans for the property's development was conducted on September 17, 1995.

Historical Series Tours That Were Held
     April 27-28, 1996 was the Council Grove Rendezvous on the Santa Fe Trail.
     At Council Grove, Santa Fe traders grouped up to gain safety in numbers as they crossed the plains to New Mexico. The little city, still maintaining the ambiance of those 19th century days, affords a variety of historic sites including the Kaw Mission, The Hays House, and the Seth Hays Home. Of special interest are the old Kaw Agency Headquarters and stone cottages built on the Kaw Reservation as family residences. On the return trip to Great Bend, numerous trail sites will be visited including stops at trading ranches, river crossings, and areas populated by pronounced trail ruts.

     May 11-12, 1996 was the Bents and the Cheyenne's/Tragedy and Travesty
     From the day in 1829 when William Bent hid two Cheyenne's from sure death at the hands of their Comanche enemies, the Bent Family and Southern Cheyenne's Became linked in a social and economic relationship which continued until the Cheyenne's were forced on the reservation following the Battle of Washita in 1868.

     Included in the seminar will be the visits to Bent related sites: Bent's Old Fort, Bent's New Fort, Old Fort Lyon, New Fort Lyon, and Boggsville. Highlighting the trip will be a visit to the Sand creek site where four of William Bent's children witnessed the destruction of Black Kettle's village by troops of the 3rd and 1st Colorado Cavalry on November 29, 1864. Robert, George, Charles, and Julia Bent were all there, also Edmond Gurrier, who later married Julia Bent.

     June 7-9, 1996 Adobe Walls and Palo Duro Canyon
     Adobe Walls, a Texas monument second only to the Alamo, was the scene of the 1874 engagement between a settlement of buffalo hunters from Dodge City and a confederation of warriors from the southern plains tribes. The adobe walls site which maintains much of its historical integrity serves as the final resting place for Billy Dixon, buffalo hunter and army scout, one of the five civilians to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.

     This medal is on display at the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum in nearby Canyon, Texas where the tour will include the Palo Duro Canyon complete with a barbecue dinner and a presentation of "Texas," a musical drama conducted in the natural amphitheater nestled against the 600 foot canyon wall.

Did You Know?
     Returning to Missouri from its 1823 trip to Santa Fe, the Stephen Cooper party brought back 400 jacks, jennets, and mules, a quantity of beaver, and a considerable sum of species. A jennet, also known as a hinny, is the offspring of a male horse and a female donkey. A mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a female donkey. A mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. While jennets were not used on the Santa Fe Trail, the mule quickly superceded the horse as the preferred beast of burden.

Paul Hatzfeld, Grove Cornerstone Share
Donated By Barbara German

Love is like a wagon track, going on and on.
Leaving a trail of memories long after we are gone.
Sometimes the trail is very deep when in sorrows it is shared.
And, blessings come in knowing that someone else has cared.
Sometimes the trail is very dim because we are afraid to show,
As others may mistake it so we never really let them know.
We can show our love for others by the little things we do,
Often just a hand shake, a jug, a kiss or two.

So if you have never shared it, there's one thing you should do.
For there is always someone waiting to share their love with you.
So while in this life we are living, we should never have regret,
for there is as much joy in giving as there is in what we get.

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