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Vol. 3 "1996" No. 3

     The Wet/Dry Routes Chapter met for its Spring meeting at the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center on April 14. Reports were given with regard to the Santa Fe Trail Rendezvous and the noon meal to be served on May 31; the marking project, nine plaques are on hand to be installed identifying campsites of the 1825 survey; and the locations of additional ruts recently found on the Fort Hays/Fort Dodge Road. In other business the Chapter voted to: appoint Richard Ford to serve on the Santa Fe Trail Mapping committee; to sponsor a series of historic tours for Larned Senior Citizens and to, sponsor the display of a Henry Booth stone monument at the Episcopal Church in Larned. The monument identifies Booth as the Department Commander of the Kansas Grand Army of the Republic in 1889. Booth, a prominent figure in the early history of Larned was associated with the Santa Fe Trail as Inspector General of the District of the Upper Arkansas. Additionally, the Chapter's involvement in the 175th Anniversary of the Santa Fe Trail was discussed.

Summer Meeting
     The Summer meeting is scheduled for June 30, at the Santa Fe Trail Center near Larned, Kansas. The program at 2:00 will feature an historic interpretation of A. H. Boyd by David Clapsaddle. This presentation will be sponsored by the Santa Fe Trail center as one of five in the Pawnee and Edwards County area commemorating the 175th Anniversary of the Santa Fe Trail. The business meeting will follow.

Welcome New Members
    Mr. & Mrs. Herman Mausolf -- Margie Flickner both of Larned, Kansas.

175th Aniversary of the Santa Fe Trail
     In honor of the 175th Anniversary of the Santa Fe Trail, a series of programs will be conducted in Kansas. Coordinated by the Kansas State Historical Society, the programs, beginning at the Missouri state line will progress through western Kansas. Local organizations will shoulder the responsibility for the programs. Include will be four programs (***) sponsored by the Wet/Dry Route Chapter. The Schedule is as follows:
June 28; Sibley's Camp, 502 West 2nd, Larned, Kansas, David Clapsaddle presenting.
June 29; Fort Larned National Historic Site, Living History and Speaker.
June 30; Santa Fe Trail Center Interpretation of A. H. Boyd. ***
July 1; Battle of Coon Creek, two miles east of Kinsley off US 56, Bob Rein presenting. ***
July 2; Big rut, at east edge of Kinsley, turn west on first street three miles , north four miles, east one mile and south on unimproved road one half mile, Lon Palmer presenting. ***
July 3; Gabriel's Barbecue, at east edge of Offerle, turn south 4 1/2 miles, east 1/2 miles, south 2 1/2, east one mile on unimproved road, and south 1/4 mile. ***
Road signs will be placed at the appropriate intersections on the dated of each presentation.

Santa Fe Trail Days
     The freighting artifact exhibit sponsored by the Chapter was on display during Santa Fe Trail Days at Sibley's Camp in Larned, Kansas. Also on display was the wagon reconstructed under the supervision of Mildon Yeager to represent one of the seven wagons (six new, one used, all painted light blue) used in the 1825 survey of the Santa Fe Trail. The wagon was one of the star attractions in the Trail Days parade.

Booth Stone Project Completed
     Henry Booth, Fort Larned figure and the primary founder of Pawnee County, was elected Department Commander of the Kansas Grand Army of the Republic in 1889. A sandstone marker inscribed with Booth's name, title, and date of service appeared in an auction sale at Ellsworth, Kansas during the past year. The stone was purchased by Larry Carr and subsequently donated to the Chapter. Members of the Chapter, Mildon Yeager, Herman Mausolf, and David Clapsaddle constructed a show case for the stone at the request of the Episcopal Church in Larned in whose parish hall the stone is now exhibited. Booth was the senior warden at the Church at the time of its founding. A dedication service is presently being planned for the stone.

Did You Know?
     The Daughters of the American Revolution Santa Fe Trail markers placed in the early part of the century give the dates of the trail as 1822-1872. There remains a dispute as to the trail's date of origin. Some contend the date of 1821 should be used as that year William Becknell, setting out to trade with the Indians of the Southwest, ultimately disposed of his trade goods in Santa Fe. Others contend that 1822 is the more appropriate date because in that year Becknell intentionally set out to trade in Santa Fe. There is argument on both sides of the issue. However, the last year of 1872 is not plausible as the trail finally ended its 59 year tenure in 1880 when the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway constructed a 15 mile spur from its Mainline northward into Santa Fe. The choice of the 1872 date is unfortunate regardless of the unusual logic that in 1872 the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway reached the Colorado line. Such has no significant relation to the closing of the Santa Fe Trail even in Kansas. In the summer of 1868, the Union Pacific Railway, Eastern Division reached Sheridan, Kansas and the little city in present Logan County became the eastern terminus of the Santa Fe Trail dispatching merchandise, mail and passengers down a newly developed road to Fort Lyon. Thus, overland traffic on the Santa Fe Trail east of Fort Lyon ceased. Regardless, the 1822-1872 dating is still retained and used (or should one say misused) Time and time again even the official road map of Kansas sports these dates not to mention countless markers, many of which have been placed in recent years. Please join me in pressing for the historical accuracy of the most basic parameters of the Santa Fe Trail.

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