Wet/Dry Routes Chapter
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Vol. 3 "1996" No. 4

     The Wet/Dry Routes Chapter conducted its summer meeting at the Santa Fe Trail Center at Larned, Kansas on June 30, 1996. Included in the reports were tours of the Santa Fe Trail conducted in the Larned area for senior citizens, programs conducted by the chapter in association with the 175th Santa Fe Trail Anniversary, the meal served by the chapter at the Santa Fe Trail Rendezvous, and the display case constructed to exhibit the Henry Booth/GAR Stone at the Saints, Mary and Martha of Bethany Episcopal Church in Larned. Other business included the appointment of Rusti Gardner to serve as chairperson of the Chuckwagon Committee and the approval of a of a seminar titled "Murder on the Santa Fe Trail" to be held June 14, 1997 in Larned. Also discussed were upcoming Eagle Scout projects associated with the Santa Fe Trail and the procurement of stone posts for the marking project and other limestone to build a retaining wall for the lime kiln project near Burdett, Kansas. Approved also were the designation of David and Rob Cross as Life Members in recognition of their generous contributions to the chapter's Chuckwagon meals and the presentation of plaques to all past and forthcoming chapter presidents. Prior to the business session, chapter members attended the program presented by the Santa Fe Trail Center in conjunction with the 175th anniversary of the Santa Fe Trail. The program by David K. Clapsaddle was a first person interpretation of A. H. Boyd, proprietor of the trading ranche on the dry route of the Santa Fe Trail near Fort Larned.

New Members
     Daniel Moulder, Great Bend, Ks -- Melvi L. Frusher, Ness City, Ks -- Donald W. Weiss, Dodge City, Ks -- Edwin & Jodi Carlson, Wichita, Ks -- Willie Creed -- Reva Reid, Larned, Ks -- Jack & Geradine Callaway, Great Bend Ks -- Earl & Maxlyn Schmidt, Pawnee Rock, Ks

Fall Meeting
     The fall Meeting for the Wet/Dry route Chapter will be held in the Stafford County Museum in Stafford, Kansas on October 13, 1996 at 2:00 at the corner of Main and Broadway. Margaret Kraisinger of Halstead, Kansas will present the program, "The Fort Ellsworth Dig."

Murder on the Santa Fe Trail Seminar
     The Wet/Dry Routes Chapter is pleased to announce a seminar scheduled for Saturday, June 14, 1997, Town Square Mall Ballroom Larned, Kansas. The seminar titled "Murder on the Santa Fe Trail" was inspired by Dr. Marc Simmons book of the same name. While Simmons will not be able to participate, he has graciously granted William Chalfant, Hutchinson, Kansas author, a license to discuss the subject of his book, the murder of Don Antonio Chavez on Owl Creek near present Lyons, Kansas in 1843. Other presenters will include Ray Schulz, Great Bend, Kansas Authority on Walnut Creek, speaking on the murder of Francis Boothe at the Walnut Creek Ranche in 1857; Randy Thies, Kansas State Historical Society, speaking on the 1862 murder of A. I. Baker at Rock Creek; and Tom Goodrich, Topeka, Kansas author, addressing the murder of Augustus Howel in 1863 at Diamond Spring. In addition, Wagon Tracks editor Leo Oliva will introduce the seminar with a discussion of social conditions on the frontier which contributed to such violence. Books by the authors will be for sale during the seminar.

Booth Stone Dedication
     The Wet/Dry Routes Chapter in conjunction with the Saints Mary and Martha of Bethany Episcopal Church of Larned will conduct a dedication for the Henry Booth GAR stone recently placed on display at the church. The stone inscribed with information regarding Booth's commander ship of the Kansas Department of the Grand Army of the Republic was donated to the Chapter by Larned businessman, Larry Carr, who obtained the marker at an Ellsworth auction. Subsequently, Chapter members Mildon Yeager, Herman Mausolf, and David Clapsaddle constructed a display case for the stone, and the church graciously provided space for the stone to be on permanent exhibit. Speaking at the dedication will be Randy Thies of the Kansas State Historical Society, an expert on the GAR in Kansas. The service is scheduled for October 27, 1996, 2:00 p.m. at the church, 8th and Main Streets in Larned. Chapter members are urged to attend.

Lime Kiln Project
     A considerable amount of interest has been generated with regard to the Lime Kiln Project at Burdett. Vice-President Rusti Gardner and Program Director David Clapsaddle recently met with Burdett civic leaders to discuss ways of financing the project. A chuck wagon dinner was discussed along with donations from various community organizations. A decision will be reached by November 1 as to how the project will be completed.

Traveling Seminar
The Hancock Expedition

     Plans are underway for a two day traveling seminar related to the 1867 Hancock Expedition. The tour will follow the Fort Riley/Fort Larned Road used by General Hancock's troops and then westward to the Sioux/Cheyenne village destroyed by Hancock some thirty-five miles west of Fort Larned.

     Leaving Larned at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 19, the tour will travel to Fort Riley for a visit to the Cavalry Museum. Following which, the exact route of Hancock's march will move through present day Junction City and westward to Chapman where deep ruts of the Fort Riley/Fort Larned Road remain. Subsequently, the tour will pursue Hancock's trek through Abilene, Solomon, and Salina before arriving at the site of Honeck's ranche where Hancock's officers were treated to a fine meal. From this point, the tour will continue to Fort Harker where the troops camped and then on to Fort Zarah and finally to Larned for an evening program, and a good night's rest.

     Departing Larned at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, October 20, the tour will pause near Fort Larned to relive the heated exchange between General Hancock and Tall Bull, noted Cheyenne Dog Soldier. From there, the tour will retrace Hancock's steps to the west visiting several documented sites of the campaign in western Pawnee county before arriving at the Sioux/Cheyenne village from which Lt. Col. George Custer began his ill-fated chase of the fleeing Indians which ended in his eventual court martial the following fall. Lunch will be served on the village site before the tour returns to Larned, Kansas.

     The costs of the tour will be as follows: $75.00 which includes travel, evening meal on Saturday, and the noon meal on Sunday. Participants may choose to stay in their own homes on Saturday night or make their own reservations in a Larned Motel. As such, the only other out of pocket expense will the noon meal on Saturday and whatever one wishes for breakfast on Sunday.

President Message
     We are looking for people interested in spreading the word about our Chapter to their community. If you have an interest in setting up a Chapter display with information and to sell T-shirts and Caps, we want to hear from you. Suggestions are: community fairs, club bazaars, holiday craft shows, county celebrations, or any other activity in your community which would be a good way to share information on the Santa Fe Trail. If you know of an upcoming activity or are interested in organizing a display contact one of your Chapter Officers.

Winter Meeting
     The winter meeting of the Chapter is scheduled for January at the City Building in Kinsley. Officers for 1997 will be elected and plaques for past presidents will be presented. The exact dated will be announced at the fall meeting.

Did You Know
     The term "crossing" is used in two separate ways in trail conversation. The most frequent use refers to the ford of a stream such as Coon Creek crossing. The other use refers to a length of the trail which traversed a specified region such as the Middle Crossing. The Middle Crossing was one of several routes which ran from the present day Dodge City/Cimarron/Ingalls area southwest some fifty miles to the Cimarron River. Many writers confuse the issue by stating that a particular crossing was located a specific location on the Arkansas River i.e. the lower crossing was located at the mouth of Mulberry Creek. What needs to be said in this regard is that the lower crossing originated at the mouth of Mulberry Creek.

Dues are always Due to the
Fastest Hand in the West

     Chapter dues in the amount of $10.00 per family, are due at the Winter meeting or may be mailed to Alice Clapsaddle, 215 Mann, Larned, Kansas, 67550. Checks should be made out to the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter. Dues and email addresses are welcome.
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