The regular route of the Santa Fe Trail ran southwest from Pawnee Rock to Ash Creek Crossing and on to Pawnee Fork crossing. For the sake of rational convenience, this segment of the trail is called The Pre-Wet Route. In this instance, pre has reference to location, not time.

Site B-1 -- Interpretive Marker
Branch: The Pre-Wet Route
Designation: Ash Creek Crossing
Location: From 14th Street and Broadway in Larned, Kansas, proceed east on K-156/U.S. 56, 2.7 miles, left 1.7 miles, and left .4 mile to the marker on the right.
Cutdowns for the crossing were once seen in both banks just to the north of the marker. In the early 1940's the land owner filled them in to gain more farm ground.
This site is best known as the place where the carriage with Susan Shelby Magoffin in it over turned, spilling her and her husband. In the field to the south there was a large campground in trail times.
GPS at Marker: N38 13.952 -- W99 04.003
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