Henry Booth

Henry Booth Leeds Yorkshire England

     Born on May 18, 1838 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England, Henry Booth immigrated with his family to Woonsocket, Rhode Island in 1841. At age eighteen, Booth moved west settling in Manhattan, Kansas Territory. In 1862, he enlisted in the 11th Kansas infantry and quickly rose to the rank of sergeant. The regiment participated in a number of Civil War battles in Missouri and Arkansas before returning to Kansas City where it was changed from infantry to calvary. Booth was then commissioned Captain, Company L and assumed command at Fort Riley before being appointed Inspector General of the District of the Upper Arkansas. While carrying out duties associated with that office in 1867, Booth first became familiar with Fort Larned. In 1865, the regiment was dispatched to Wyoming Territory where it engaged in several Indian skirmishes before being ordered back to Kansas where Booth was mustered out of the army at Fort Leavenworth. Returning to Manhattan, Booth was unanimously elected to the Kansas House of Representatives by voters of Riley County in 1867.

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