Original Cash Store

Old Original Cash Store Larned Kansas

Original Cash Store Larned Kansas

     In 1877, Booth was appointed Receiver of the U.S. Land Office which at that time was housed on the second floor of the Original Cash Store, a mercantile building constructed in 1876.

     In 1884, Booth served as the receiver for the government property at Fort Larned when it was transferred to private ownership. Ironically, he also served as receiver for his own homestead patented in 1879. The land office was moved from the Original Cash Store in 1878; and in later years, the building was used as a hotel, hatchery, and apartment house.

     From Site #4, proceed west on 5th Street one half block to Broadway. There, turn north (right) four blocks to Site #5 at the northwest comer of 9th Street and Broadway. The last building was torn down in 1998.

Original Cash Store Plaque Larned Kansas

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