Home of Henry Booth

Old Home of Henry Booth Larned Kansas

Home of Henry Booth Larned Kansas

     Booth' s domicile was constructed on an eighty acre homestead patented in 1879. The house was completed in 1881. This spacious home witnessed, perhaps, the most productive years of his life. There, he lived in 1882 when he helped organize the First National Bank. There, also, he lived in 1888 when he was elected Chairman of the Kansas State Republican Central Committee. Under his leadership, Lyman Humphrey was swept into the governor's seat by 82,000 votes; and Booth was elected to his fourth term in the House of Representatives, his fellow legislators unanimously electing him speaker of the house. In 1889, he was appointed Director of the newly established Kansas Soldiers Home at Fort Dodge, a position he maintained through 1893.

     From Site #7, proceed east on 8th Street 1.3 miles and north (left) .1 mile to Site #8. Booth's home is still maintained as a private residence.

Home of Henry Booth Plaque Larned Kansas

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