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With their indepth research of the Santa Fe Trail, the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter felt some sites and trails needed more information. With this in mind the Chapter has placed in prominent locations along the Santa Fe Trail, "Interpretive Markers" to do just that. On these pages you will find a photo of the markers and the text placed on them.

The Wet Route
Pawnee Fork Crossing on the Wet Route Marker       Pawnee Fork Crossing on the Wet Route Text


Southeast of this point some 500 yards was the Pawnee Fork Crossing of the Santa Fe Trail. This was the eastern terminus of the Santa Fe Trail's Wet Route which followed the Arkansas River to the southwest. There also was the grave of Private Robert Easley who died at the crossing August 5, 1847 en route to Santa Fe during the Mexican War. The gravestone to the right of this marker was placed in his honor. Likewise commemorated is Private Arthur Hughes who died and was buried near the crossing on July 13, 1846.

Limestone Benches

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