Site C-3 -- Interpretive Marker Text

Sibleys Ridge Marker

BRANCH: The Wet Route
DESIGNATION: Sibley's Ridge
LOCATION: From the Site C-2 marker, proceed southwest 8.8 miles to the marker on the right.
GPS AT MARKER: N38 05.370 -- W99 13.425
TOPOGRAPHICAL EVIDENCE: The ridge which begins at this point is the only elevation of any consequence on The Wet Route.
MODERN DAY MAP: Santa Fe Trail Map Pawnee County, Kansas
TOPOGRAPHIC MAP: Topographic Map
HISTORIC DESCRIPTION: George Sibley, Commissioner of the Santa Fe Trail Survey Team, surmounted this ridge on September 1, 1825 to view the surrounding countryside.
DISTANCE: From the August 31, 1825 campsite of the Santa Fe Trail Survey Team, (Site A-2), 6 miles.

Thursday 1t September,
Apprehending more Rain and fearing to be detained here by high water, we set to work cutting down the Banks, and preparing the ford for the Waggons to cross. We got all safe over without any accident or much difficulty by 11 o'Clk. and then proceeded South West through a flat bottom about 6 Miles, and came to a High Ridge. The Waggons passed round the point, still keeping in the bottom about half a miles from the River. I rode upon the Ridge, from the top of which, I could distinctly trace the course of the Pawnee River for a great distance by the fringe of Trees along its banks. Its general course as far as I could see is from So[uth] W[est] to No[rth] E[ast]. It runs nearly parallel with the Arkansas at an average distance of about Six Miles apart, gradually diverging.
Gregg, 73.

COMMENTS: Sibley's estimate of 6 miles from the camp at Pawnee Fork is in error. The distance is 9 miles plus. However, his observation of the wagons steering south of the ridge is accurate. The original township survey map indicates that the road looped south, closer to the river at this point, to avoid climbing the grade. En route, you will pass (Site E-1) which will be discussed later.
LEGAL DESCRIPTION: SE 1/4, Section 31, T-22-S, R-17-W, Pawnee County, Kansas.

Sibleys Ridge Plaque

Township 22 South of Range 17 West, Pawnee County, Kansas Township 22 South of Range 17 West, Pawnee County, Kansas

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