Site C-8

September 3 1825 Survey Team Campsite Marker

BRANCH: The Wet Route
DESIGNATION: September 3, 1825 Campsite of the Santa Fe Trail Survey Team.
LOCATION: From the Site C-7 marker, continue southwest on U.S. 56 .6 mile, and left 1.4 mile crossing U.S 50 to the marker on the left.
GPS AT MARKER: N37 55.634 -- W99 23.200
September 3, 1825 Survey Team Campsite
MODERN DAY MAP: Santa Fe Trail Map Edwards County, Kansas
TOPOGRAPHIC MAP: Topographic Map
HISTORIC DESCRIPTION: Campsite of the Santa Fe Trail Survey Team on September 3, 1825.
DISTANCE: From Sept. 1-2, 1825 campsite of the Santa Fe Trail Survey Team, 11 miles and 68 chains.

Saturday 3d September.
...The Arkansas still keeps its width of from 400-500 yards, and in other respects is very much as where we first saw it--with the exception of its being better furnished with Timber. Its course can now be traced distinctly for a great distance, by the few scattering Cotton Trees (there are no other) that are Scattered along its Banks & upon its little Islands; and this is the case all the way from about 20 Miles below the Walnut Creek. Since we crossed the Pawnee fork, the appearance of the country on the south side of the Arkansas is much more rough and hilly, and in general the Hills are closer to the River on both sides. I saw six Wild Horses today on the high Prairie & shot at them, but without effect. Buffalo are scarce; tho' our Hunters manage to kill a sufficiency of fine fat Cows for the company. At 2 P.M. the Mercury was at 80. I then turned in to the River, and found the Party encamped on the Bank. In passing from the Hills to the River through the bottom, I crossed the Clear Creek twice. It is a very pretty, brisk running Creek. Williams who has been hunting today over the River came in just as Sunset with a fat Elk. The distance measured today is 11 Miles & 68 Chains.
Gregg, 74-75.

COMMENTS: The campsite would have been east of the marker closer to the Arkansas River.
LEGAL DESCRIPTION: NW 1/4, Section 35, T-24-S, R-19-W, Edwards County, Kansas.

September3 1825 Survey Team Campsite Plaque

Township 24 South of Range 19 West, Edwards County, Kansas Township 24 South of Range 19 West, Edwards County, Kansas

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