Beyond Fort Atkinson and The Caches, the Santa Fe Trail followed the north bank of the Arkansas River to the west. For the sake of rational convenience, this segment is called The Post Wet Route. In this instance, post has reference to location, not time.

A portion of the 1868 Kansas with Parts of Neighboring States and Territories Map compiled by Bvt. Col. Wm. E. Merrill showing the Santa Fe Trail running west of Fort Atkinson which was situated near The Caches. Notice the nearby Lower Crossing which departed to the Southwest. See (Site C-34) Comments.

Site D-1 - Interpretive Marker Text

Point of Rocks Marker

BRANCH: The Post Wet Route
DESIGNATION: Point of Rocks
LOCATION: From the (Site C-34) Marker, return south .2 mile to U.S. 50/400 and right 2 miles to the marker on the right.
GPS AT MARKER: N37 45.881 -- W100 07.403
TOPOGRAPHICAL EVIDENCE: The geological formation known as Point of Rocks remains in part.
MODERN DAY MAP: Santa Fe Trail Map Ford County, Kansas
TOPOGRAPHIC MAP: Topographic Map
HISTORIC DESCRIPTION: Point of Rocks was a Santa Fe Trail landmark.
DISTANCE: From September 9, 1825 campsite of the Santa Fe Trail Survey Team, 10 miles.

Saturday 10th September.
We had rode about 10 Miles, when we came to a large Mass of Gravel Rock of a very remarkable appearance. It presents itself at the termination of a High Ridge and faces the River from which it is about a Mile; a level flat intervening. Its front is rough & broken, & about 200 yards in extent. To judge from appearances, one might suppose that the Arkansas once washed the base of this Rock; but this would involve the supposition that the present bed of the River has been sunk by some convulsion of nature not less than Fifty feet--to justify which, I could discover nothing. The Rock as it is seen at the Bluff is in large Masses, which are composed of small Gravel Stones and Sand firmly cemented together. These stones when separated appear firmly polished, like those found in the beds of Rivers. They are in great varieties as to Colour, Size and Substance. In the mixture there is evidently Lime.
Gregg, 77-78.

Point of Rocks Dodge City Kansas showing what Highway construction did in 1981

COMMENTS: Highway construction in 1981 greatly reduced the size of the landmark. Sibley's estimate of 10 miles from the September 9 campsite is a little long. Modern measurement puts the distance at about 9 miles. [note: The tin cowboys placed on the top of this historic landmark have nothing to do with Santa Fe Trail History]
LEGAL DESCRIPTION: NW 1/4, Section 25, T-26-S, R-26-W, Ford County, Kansas.

Point of Rocks Plaque

Township 26 South of Range 26 West, Ford County, Kansas Township 26 South of Range 26 West, Ford County, Kansas

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