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With their indepth research of the Santa Fe Trail, the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter felt some sites and trails needed more information. With this in mind the Chapter has placed in prominent locations along the Santa Fe Trail, "Interpretive Markers" to do just that. On these pages you will find a photo of the markers and the text placed on them.

Post-Wet Route
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South of this point on the Arkansas River was the Santa Fe Trail's lower crossing. Of this location, Joseph Brown, surveyor with the 1825-1827 U.S. surveying, expedition wrote,

Some turn off at a place known to the Santa Fe travellers by the name of the "Cashes" near to which is a rocky point . . . at about three miles S.W. from this rock is a place of crofsing for those who travel the lower route.

As Brown indicated, some travelers preferred a crossing located five miles to the east near the Caches. By 1829, it appears this crossing had superceded the original lower crossing.

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