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Survey Team Campsite September 10, 1825  Marker

BRANCH: The Post Wet Route
DESIGNATION: September 10-21, 1825 Campsite of the Santa Fe Trail Survey Team.
LOCATION: From the Site D-2 Marker, continue west on U.S. 50/400 1.4 miles to the marker on the right.
GPS AT MARKER: N37 47.340 -- W100 11.801
TOPOGRAPHICAL EVIDENCE: The "Bluff Bank" near the location mentioned by Sibley is still much in evidence.
USGS AERIAL PHOTO: Sept. 10-21, 1825 Campsite Santa Fe Trail Survey Team
MODERN DAY MAP: Santa Fe Trail Map Ford County, Kansas
TOPOGRAPHIC MAP: Topographic Map
HISTORIC DESCRIPTION: Sept. 10-21, 1825 campsite Santa Fe Trail Survey Team.
DISTANCE: From the September 9, 1825 campsite of the Santa Fe Trail Survey Team, 13 miles and 13 chains.

Saturday 10th September.
We passed this curious Rock, and then Shaped our course South West over Wet Prairie to the River, and Pitched our Tents on the Bank, just below a high Bluff Bank [3 miles beyond Caches], which is near Some Cotton Trees. The wind very boisterous all day. Distance measured 13 Miles & 13 Chains.
Gregg, 77-78.

COMMENTS: The campsite was situated south of the marker near the Arkansas River at the base of the above cited bluff.
LEGAL DESCRIPTION: SE 1/4, Section 17, T-26-S, R-26-W, Ford County, Kansas.

Survey Team Campsite September 10-21 1825 Plaque

Township 26 South of Range 26 West, Ford County, Kansas Township 26 South of Range 26 West, Ford County, Kansas

Post Wet Route
Post Wet Route
Adapted from 1868 Kansas with parts of Neighboring States & Territories Map
compiled by Bvt. Col. Wm. E. Merrill

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