Ford County, Kansas


South of Spearville Kansas

DAR Marker Number 62; The only hill for miles overlooks the great sand dunes in the big bend of the Arkansas. On a clear day, Fort Larned could be seen to the northeast. The Marker is at the apex of the hill in the wheat field. This is multi-generation farm and the family will not consider having "their" Marker moved. To see it you must walk. There is a carving/drawing on the back of the base of a mule's head. US 50/56 to 134th Road, south 2 1/4 miles to the homestead with two houses on the east side, follow the driveway to the south house, the Marker is approximately 100 yards south in the field.
This Marker is on "Private Property" and should be treated as such!
Section 26, Township 25 South, Range 21 West
GPS: N37 50.985 -- W099 36.252


South of Spearville Kansas

DAR Marker Number 63; The Marker sits on the Dry Route. The base was replaced and the Marker rededicated September 29, 1993. US 50/56 to 126th Road, south to Jewell Road, 1/2 mile west on the north side of the road.
Section 17, Township 26 South, Range 22 West
GPS: N37 46.675 -- W099 45.092


Wet/Dry Routes Junction East of Fort Dodge Kansas

DAR Marker Number 64; This Marker commemorates the convergence of the Wet/Dry Routes at this point. Fort Dodge was established on April 10, 1865, to provide escorts through the increasingly hostile Indian country. It was also the southern terminus of the Fort Hays/Fort Dodge Road. Starting in 1867, goods and services were transported overland from the Union Pacific Railroad at Hays, Kansas. This lasted until 1872, when the Santa Fe Railroad reached Dodge City, Kansas. The abandon fort was turned over to the State of Kansas. In 1890 the Kansas State Soldiers Home opened it's doors. The Marker is currently in storage awaiting the completion of road construction. US 50/56 to 117th Road, south 4 miles to US 154, west 3/4 mile on the north side of US 154 1 mile east of Fort Dodge, Kansas.
Section 2, Township 27 South, Range 24 West.
GPS: N37 43.618 -- W99 55.191


Wright Park Marker

DAR Marker Number 65; The Marker was placed in front of City Hall in the middle of the Old Trail. A few hundred yards to the east was a great watering-place, as the river swung around and hugged the bank. It was also a great camping ground which afforded good grazing for the livestock. Robert M. Wright selected the place for the Marker, it was only seeming that when the city outgrew the Trail, the Marker was relocated in the park bearing his name. In 1986, the Dodge City Chapter, DAR added a plaque to the base commemorating the area. US 50/56 to 2nd Avenue, south to Wright Park, just before the Arkansas river bridge, west at the main entrance, on the north side of the road.
Section 35, Township 26 South, Range 25 West
GPS: N37 44.975 -- W100 01.192

"HIGH ROCK" (Sears, Dodge City/Cowboy Capital)

West Side of Dodge City Kansas

DAR Marker Number 66; The Marker was originally about 5 miles west of Dodge City, Kansas at High Rock, the first of four Points of Rock along the Santa Fe Trail, over looking the Trail. Until 1846, Mexico was across the Arkansas, to the east was Fort Atkinson, Fort Mann and The Caches. It was moved to the western edge of Dodge City in 1981 when the High Rock was blasted to "smithereens" to make way for road construction. US 50 to Matt Down Lane on the south side by the KHS site Couwboy Capital Marker.
Section 28, Township 26 South, Range 25 West
GPS: N37 45.258 -- W100 02.983


One Mile West of Howell Kansas

DAR Marker Number 67; This Marker was originally in Gray County approximately three miles east of Cimarron on the Trail near Wettick. The reasons for moving this Marker to the Dodge City Ruts were not recorded. The Ruts have been a National Historic Landmak since 1966 and the Boot Hill Museum owns land in the area. It is now a Department of Interior Historical Site Park. The Marker was reset at the renovated entrance to the Trail Ruts during the Summer of 1997. US 50, west of Dodge City 7.3 miles to the turnout on the north side.
Section 18, Township 26 South, Range 26 West
GPS: N37 47.370 -- W100 11.843

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