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With their indepth research of the Santa Fe Trail, the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter felt some sites and trails needed more information. With this in mind the Chapter has placed in prominent locations along the Santa Fe Trail, "Interpretive Markers" to do just that. On these pages you will find a photo of the markers and the text placed on them.

The Original Dry Route
Hogan Ruts Marker       Hogan Ruts Text


These ruts mark the Santa Fe Trail's original Dry Route which ran from Forks in Santa Fe Road, 3.5 miles southwest of the Pawnee River crossing near present Larned to the Big Coon Creek crossing 3.5 miles west of present Kinsley and on to the Caches just west of Dodge City. The original Dry Route was superceded by a second Dry Route which came into existence with the advent of Camp on Pawnee Fork, Fort Larned's predecessor, in 1859.

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Santa Fe Trail Research Site
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