The Original Dry Route

No Original Dry Route Markers in this Township

Township 26 South of Range 24 West, Ford County, Kansas Township 26 South of Range 24 West, Ford County, Kansas

The History of the origin of these Caches may be of sufficient intrest to merit a brief recital. Beard, of the unfortunate party of 1812 alluded to in the first chapter, having returned to the United States in 1822 , together with Chambers, who had descended the Canadian River the year before, induced some small capitalists of St. Louis to join in an enterprise, and then undertook to return to Santa Fe the same fall with a small party and an assortment of merchandise. Reaching the Arkansas late in the season, they were overtaken by a heavy snowstorm and driven to take shelter on a large island. A rigorous winter ensued, which forced them to remain pent up in that place for three long months. During this time the greater portion of their animals perished; so that when the spring began to open they were unable to continue their journey with their goods. In this emergency they make a cache some distance above on the north side of the river, where they stowed away the most of their merchandise. From thence they proceeded to Taos, where they procured mules and returned to get their hidden property.

Few travelers pass this way without visiting these mossy pits, many of which remain partly unfilled to the present day. In the vicinity, or a few miles to the eastward perhaps, passes the hundredth degree of longintude west from Greenwich, which, from the Arkansas to Red River, forms the boundry between the United States and the Mexican, or rather the Texan, territory.
Josiah Gregg

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