Site H-2 - Interpretive Marker Text

A Branch of The Post-1859 Dry Route

BRANCH: The Post-1866 Dry Route
DESIGNATION: Departure Point to The Post-1859 Dry Route.
LOCATION: From the Site H-1 Marker, return south .6 mile, right 3 miles, left 2 miles to K-156, and right 4 miles to the marker on the right.
GPS AT MARKER: N38 11.441 -- W99 12.200
USGS AERIAL PHOTO: Departure Point of The Post-1866/59 Dry Route
MODERN DAY MAP: Santa Fe Trail Map Pawnee County, Kansas
TOPOGRAPHIC MAP: Topographic Map
HISTORIC DESCRIPTION: At an unknown point east of the marker, a lateral road ran southwest from The Post-1866 Dry Route to cross Pawnee Fork and connect with The Post-1859 Dry Route on the south side of the river. Lyster places the crossing 1 mile east of the post. Brown's map places the crossing further east.
COMMENTS: The lateral road has been superimposed on the original township survey map in accordance with Brown's 1867 map of the Fort Larned Area. Another road departs the reservation to the north. This is the road to Fort Hays.
LEGAL DESCRIPTION: SW 1/4, Section 28, T-21-S, R-17-W, Pawnee County, Kansas.

The Post-1866 Dry Route Plaque

Township 21 South of Range 17 West, Pawnee County, Kansas Township 21 South of Range 17 West, Pawnee County, Kansas

From Site H-2, The Post-1866 Dry Route continued west to follow Pawnee Fork around the northwest corner of Fort Larned, crossing the river at the southwest corner of the post near the sutler's store. From Fort Larned, The Post-1866 Dry Route replicated The Post-1859 Dry Route to the southwest.

Fort Larned Sutler's Store
Photo Courtesy of Fort Larned NHS Research Collection

The Post-1866 Dry Route
Adapted from 1st Lt. E. H. Ruffner's
1872 Campaign Map of the State of Kansas

1872 Campaign Map of Kansas

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