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With their indepth research of the Santa Fe Trail, the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter felt some sites and trails needed more information. With this in mind the Chapter has placed in prominent locations along the Santa Fe Trail, "Interpretive Markers" to do just that. On these pages you will find a photo of the markers and the text placed on them.

The Fort Hays-Fort Dodge Road
Pawnee Fork Crossing Marker       Pawnee Fork Crossing Text


Here, Pawnee Fork was crossed by the Fort Hays-Fort Dodge Road, running from the Union Pacific, Western Division railhead at Hays City to the original route of the Santa Fe Trail at Fort Dodge. As such, this new road for a brief period became the eastern end of the Santa Fe Trail before being superseded by another road from Sheridan City to Fort Lyon. Following its Santa Fe Trail tenure, the road was used by the army and early settlers. At this point, John O'Loughlin established a trading ranche in 1869 which was sold to George Duncan in 1872. Duncan operated the ranche through 1879.

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