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Township 25 South of Range 24 West, Ford County, Kansas Township 25 South of Range 24 West, Ford County, Kansas

The first day out we got to Smoky Hill River and camped for the night. We then pulled to Walnut Creek, and the third day brought us to Pawnee Fork. Between this place and what is now the town of Bucklin, Kas. We had a stampede that for real excitement beat anything I had ever seen. The mules ran in every possible direction, overturning wagons, and outfit colliding with outfit until it looked as if there would never be a pound of freight delivered at Supply. Many of the wagons were so badly demolished that they had to be abandoned and left behind. Their loads were piled on other wagons and carried forward.

Our route carried us past Saw Log Creek, Fort Dodge---there was no Dodge City at that time---Mulberry Creek, and thence to Bluff Creek.

We reached Camp Supply at the end of a twelve day's journey. The supplies were unloaded on the ground and covered with tarpaulins.
Billy Dixon, Teamster

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