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Wet/Dry Routes Markers

     With their research of the Santa Fe Trail, the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter feel some sites and trails need more information. With this in mind our Chapter has placed in prominent locations along the Santa Fe Trail, "Interpretive Markers" to do just that. On each site page you will find a photo of the markers and the text placed on the interpretive marker.

  1. Site A-02 - Sibley's Campsite August 31, 1825 "Cliffs of Soft Rock"

  2. Site B-01 - Ash Creek Crossing

  3. Site C-01 - Parker's Ranche
  4. Site C-02 - Pawnee Fork Crossing Wet Route
  5. Site C-03 - Sibley's Ridge
  6. Site C-05 - Plain Camp
  7. Site C-06 - Love's Defeat
  8. Site C-07 - The Battle of Coon Creek
  9. Site C-25 - Mulberry Creek Ford & Campsite
  10. Site C-27 - Small Drain
  11. Site C-28 - Jackson Island
  12. Site C-29 - Junction of the Wet Route With The Dry Route
  13. Site C-30 - Fort Dodge, Kansas
  14. Site C-31 - September 9, 1825, Survey Team Campsite
  15. Site C-32 - Fort Mann, Kansas
  16. Site C-33 - Fort Atkinson, Kansas
  17. Site C-34 - The Caches

  18. Site D-01 - Point of Rocks - Ford County, Kansas
  19. Site D-02 - Lower Crossing of the Arkansas
  20. Site D-03 - Sibley Survey Team Campsite of September 10-21, 1825

  21. Site E-01 - Forks in Santa Fe Road
  22. Site E-02 - Jones Point
  23. Site E-04 - Hogan Ruts
  24. Site E-07 - Big Coon Creek Crossing
  25. Site Dry Routes - Offerle, Kansas Road Side Park
  26. Site E-11 - The Caches

  27. Site F-01 - Eastern Terminus of Post -1859 Dry Route
  28. Site F-05 - Pawnee Fork Crossing Dry Route
  29. Site F-06 - Parker-Boyd Ranche
  30. Site F-13 - Big Coon Creek Crossing
  31. Site F-24 - Junction of the Post-1859 Dry Route With the Wet Route

  32. Site G-03 - Junction of the Fort Larned Military Road With the Wet Route

  33. Site H-01 - Eastern Termnus Post 1866 Dry Route
  34. Site H-02 - Departure Point to Post 1859 Dry Route

  35. Site I-13 - Pawnee Fork Crossing
  36. Site I-30 - Junction of the Fort Hays-Fort Dodge Road with the Santa Fe Trail

  37. Cimarron Crossing of the Arkansas Located One Mile West of Cimarron, Kansas

  38. Site Pike Plaza - Larned, Kansas - Pike Plaza on the Wet Route of the Santa Fe Trail
  39. Site Pike Plaza - Expeditions at the Pawnee River Crossing Prior to the Advent of the Santa Fe Trail
  40. Site Pike Plaza - Pawnee River - A Difficult Crossing
  41. Site Pike Plaza - Kearny's Main Force
  42. Site Pike Plaza - The Topographical Engineers
  43. Site Pike Plaza - Fremont And The Pawnee River

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