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2008 - Memorial Weekend
The Schedule and Memorial Weekend Information
Fort Larned Comes to Life

      Step back in time this Memorial Day weekend and experience the sights, sounds and smells of frontier life at Fort Larned National Historic Site.

     Take time out of your busy Memorial Day weekend to stop in at Fort Larned and visit the past for free. Over 70 volunteers will assemble to bring the Fort to life with a host of historic activities.

     Talk to living history interpreters stationed at the fort's historic buildings, watch Infantry and Cavalry Units maneuver on the Parade Ground, listen to the pop of rifle fire or the roar of the cannon during various historic weapons programs. Watch the blacksmith working at his forge and smell bread baking in the post bakery.

     Watch a baseball game between the Wichita Cow Town Base Ball Team all decked out in 1870's baseball uniforms and the Fort Larned Soldiers played by 1870 rules. The game starts about 1:30 on Saturday May 24th near the quartermaster building at Fort Larned and promises to be a lot of fun to watch. In addition to local volunteers, living historians coming to Fort Larned for the weekend include: the 1st Colorado Volunteer Infantry, 2nd Colorado Cavalry and the Fort Sill Artillery crew.

Schedule of Events
Free Admission

Saturday May 24, 2008
10:00 Infantry and Cavalry demonstrations on the Parade Ground
11:00 Artillery Demonstration
1:30 Base Ball game near Quartermaster building, 1870 style game
4:00 Artillery Demonstration
5:00 Flag retreat program

Sunday May 25, 2008
9:30 In the Post Chapel will be a short 1860's style religious service.
11:00 Infantry and Cavalry demonstrations on the Parade Ground
1:30 Artillery Demonstration
2:30 Small Arms Demonstrations
3:30 Infantry and Cavalry demonstrations on the Parade Ground
5:00 Flag retreat program

Monday May 26, 2008
10:00 US Army Infantry Weapons 1770 -- 1950
11:00 Ladies of the Post; program will explore the secret meanings of the hand held fan
1:30 Medical Department: in-depth look at the Post Hospital program will be presented
2:30 Artillery Demonstration, the Fort Larned Mountain Howitzer will be demonstrated.
3:30 Small Arms Demonstrations
5:00 Flag retreat program

     Fort Larned National Historic Site is located six miles west of Larned on Kansas Highway 156. The park is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. throughout the year. Hours are extended to 5:30 p.m. during Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekends. Fort Larned is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years Day. Admission is free. Visit Fort Larned on the internet at

     For more information, call 620-285-6911 or email to Or, write to: Superintendent, Fort Larned National Historic Site, Route 3, Box 69, Larned, Kansas 67550.

George Elmore
Park Ranger
Fort Larned NHS
1767 KS Highway 156
Larned, Kansas 67550
620-285-6911 Office phone
620-285-2896 ext 224 desk phone
620-285-3571 fax

Memo -- Fort Larned Volunteers
We will need a lot of your help in 2008!

     May 24, 25 and 26, we will have our large Memorial weekend event at Fort Larned. After the baseball game last year I did not think that the volunteers from Wichita Cow Town would dare challenged us to another 1870's baseball game. Guess what they want a rematch, so I have again invited the Wichita Cow Town team to have the noon meal with us in the barracks them in the early afternoon we will have a true 1870's style baseball game. The game will be held in the same area as in 2007 just off the Parade Ground between the Quartermaster building and the South Officer's Quarters.

     Please come out ready to play ball and again hold up the pride of the Fort Larned volunteers. Maybe this year we should spot them a few points just to take off the pressure? I think that last years score was 56 to 12 or something like that. OH NO; I just remembered they won last year, not us. It is all just for fun and no one is really keeping score so just come out and take part and have fun.

     Once again the weekend should be the years "large living history event". We want to try and keep the weekend as the largest Living History three-day event in the area. We will need everyone to help with staffing all the buildings, and help make the post come to life. We hope to have all the Living History station in operation and everything really hopping as if the post was active. At this time Ron Drummond and Jim Furgison have volunteered to cook in the barracks for the soldier types and Margaret Linderer and Mildred Berry for the civilian types in the Post Hospital. The Fort Still artillery crew is planning to return. The barracks will again be garrisoned by the 1st Colorado Volunteer Infantry and others. As of right now I hope that we will have at least 5 Cavalry types.

July 4, 5 and 6 are Independence Day Celebration; we are hoping that with the 4th being on a Friday we will be able to have a lot of people for all three days.

August 30, 31 and Sept 1st are Labor Day Weekend; Like Santa Fe Trail Days this event has kept growing to a really nice military Living History weekend to end the regular summer programs.

September 18-20, Santa Fe Trail Rendezvous, this is a joint program with the Santa Fe Trail Center, with guest speakers and is held at the Larned Community Center, Santa Fe Trail Center and one day at Fort Larned. As this event gets closer you will be getting a lot more information about it.

October 11 Candlelight Tour ---- Need everyone to help with this night program

December 13 Christmas Open House
     This fun event would not be much of a party without you; again we need everyone I again want to extend a special thank you to everyone for all the great programs and projects you did in 2007. Your professionalism and dedication is a real asset to the park. Without you we could not do any of the above events, your volunteering means a lot to the public and us. The volunteers of the year for 2007 are Larry and Kathleen Corpus, they developed power point programs on the Medical Department and Ladies at the Fort and presented and gave programs both at the Fort and off site throughout the year.

     As always should you have any questions about the programs, or thoughts on how to improve it, please let me know. You can call me at 620 -285-6911 or email me at together we can make 2008 another great year. There are a few of you who we have not heard from or volunteered for a couple of years. If you are no longer able to assist and want to be removed from this volunteer list please let me know. I hate to remove names and then find out you were still interested.

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