Student Quilting Project
Fort Larned, Kansas NHS

     The five National Historic Sites in Kansas have recently initiated an enterprising project. Each of the Historic sites will join forces with a local school and quilting guild to produce a quilt emblematic of the Site's mission. The Fort Larned National Site has partnered with Doug Anderson's fourth grade class at Larned's Northside Elementary School and the Quilting Bees guild of Larned in this regard.

     Each of the twenty-one students will design a quilting block based on some element from Charley's Trunk or I Heard a Coyote Howl, two books related to the Traveling Trunks Program sponsored by the Fort Larned National Historic Site and presented by David Clapsaddle, Fort Larned Volunteer. In addition, each student will write a brief essay with respect to his/her block.

     The blocks will be pieced and quilted by the Quilting Bees with the students assisting in the tying of the quilt. At this writing, Ann Hicks, President of the Quilting Bees guild and David Clapsaddle have visited the classroom on several occasions to assist the students with their work.

     Each student will receive a tee shirt imprinted with his/her photograph and an image of his/her quilting block and the class will be treated to a pizza party. All five quilts will be entered into competition, a cash prize to be awarded to the winner.

     At this time, plans are being made for an exhibit of all five quilts in downtown Larned, Kansas. Further information will be forthcoming as the program progresses.

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