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Fort Larned Naional Historic Site February 2004
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~*~ 161 Years And Counting ~*~
Fort Larned Old Guard
Official Quarterly Publication

     The Fort Larned Old Guard was formed to provide support for Fort Larned National Historic Site beyond that given by the federal government. It will augment living history and other programs at the Fort; raise funds for the purchase of special equipment; promote the history, resources and interpretation of the site and generally take that extra step which is not possible under existing appropriations.

     One of the most exciting projects the Old Guard has undertaken is that they have purchased the Cheyenne-Sioux Indian village site northwest of Fort Larned in Ness County, the same site when in April of 1867 General Winfield Scott Hancock burned this village to start what was later called "Hancock's War"

     Another contribution was the purchase and restoreration of an 1870's Rucker U.S. Army ambulance.

     Any person interested in the frontier military history of the United States, the Indian wars in the trans-Mississippi West the role of the military in the development of the West, Indian-white relations on the frontier and Fort Larned itself is eligible to join.

     Members will receive the official quarterly publication of the Fort Larned Old Guard "OUTPOST". We have an archive of the newsletters on site. The archive has several volumes missing. If you have any missing issues that you would lone or photocopy for me I would pay the cost of getting them to me. Email if you would like to share them. These newsletters have some of the communication between the famous forts of Kansas for the years of 1867, 1868, 1869. This information was put together by several Fort Larned Old Guard members.

Fort Larned Sign
New Entrance Sign

     Old Guard members may attend the annual Mess & Muster at Fort Larned, and will be invited to pre-openings of special and permanent exhibits at Fort Larned National Historic Site.

     Most importantly, however, membership provides the Old Guard with the means to assist the staff of the site in the interpretation, protection and promotion of the resources and history of Fort Larned. Contributions may be income tax deductible for you since the Old Guard is a private not for profit Kansas Corporation.

     Please become a part of this effort by completing this membership application and participating in all the activities of the Fort Larned Old Guard. Old Guard Brochure - Front ~*~ Old Guard Brochure - Back

     If you have always had a yearning for a rank -- from Corporal to Lieutenant Colonel -- you need to look no farther than the Fort Larned Old Guard. For those who aren't aware or it has slipped you mind, donors of funds to the Old Guard receive enlistments or commissions, depending on the amount donated. Both documents are patterned after actual documents issued by the U.S. Army in 1868. Each is 14 by 18 inches, printed on heavy antique paper, and is suitable for framing.

     Gift categories include: $25-$39, Corporal; $40-$54, Sergeant; $55-$69, First Sergeant or Hospital Steward; $70-$199, Sergeant Major; $200-$299, Second Lieutenant; $300-$399, First Lieutenant; $400-$999, Major; and $1,000 and over, Lieutenant Colonel. All gifts to the Old Guard, of course, go toward projects benefitting Fort Larned NHS.

     Donations are cumulative, meaning that each "rank" earned by a gift gives the donor credit toward higher ranks. The Old Guard does not sell ranks -- the enlistments and commissions are merely tangible evidence of appreciation expressed by the Fort Larned Old Guard board for contributions that are income tax-deductible in most cases under the Old Guard's 501(c)(3) status.

     The officers, members of the board of directors, dues information and emails are listed on this page of information. Please feel free to contact any of us.

Take a tour of this restored historic Indian Wars Fort to see just what the Fort Larned Old Guard is trying to save for future generations to see and enjoy.
Fort Larned National Historic Site

     The soldiers who died and were buried at Fort Larned are now relocated in graves marked Unknown Soldier at the National Cemetery at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Their graves are in Section B, graves 2136 to 2200. The saddest part of this is that we do have records that show who died and were buried at Fort Larned. Can we know exactly who is in which grave? No, but we can list here for you the names of those brave soldiers who gave their lives protecting others on the Santa Fe Trail.
(Janice K. Seymour)

Fort Larned to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

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