Best Preserved Frontier Fort in the West Fort Larned Old Guard Newsletter
Volume 30, Number 2 ~*~ Best Preserved Frontier Fort in the West ~*~ Autumn 2019

The Museum Side
by Mike Seymour, Park Ranger
and Museum Technician

     [Park Ranger Mike Seymour has a new title: Museum Technician. He has worked in the capacity of Museum Technician for many years at Fort Larned National Historic Site, and the title is well received. Here he shares news about his work.]

     The duties of the Museum Technician in the National Park Service are the same for any park with a collection, the difference is the size of the collection. Fort Larned's collection, according to the National Park standards, is somewhere between medium and large. Some would believe accessioning, cataloging, inspection, and cleaning the artifacts while providing for safe storage would describe the bulk of the duties, but don't forget all the mandatory reports that must be completed and sent to the various reporting centers during the course of every year.

     With a collection as large as Fort Larned's, it takes two people working together for almost a month just to complete inventories. There are three inventories. The Controlled Property inventory alone has 3,000 plus artifacts in the collection. The remaining reports encompass National Catalog Submission, Collection Management Report, and everyone's favorite, the Automated Checklist Program.

     In 2016 Fort Larned's catalog completion percentage rate was a respectable 72 percent, today it is an exceptional 99.42 percent; these figures combine new incoming accessions and old backlog, which equates to approximately 5,000 items.

     Completion date of our new state-of-the-art museum is rapidly approaching; artifacts out for conservation work will return next month and we hope to have everything in place by late February or early March with a grand opening celebration to follow. Stay posted on our website for updates and it you like to help with inventories give us a call, we start early April.

     An example of an artifact can be a photograph. The photograph accompanying this article is of Captain Charles Campbell and his wife Ann Foster Campbell in their later years. Charles, a West Point graduate, was stationed at Fort Larned in 1870-1872. His wife and daughter Ellen also lived with him on Officers' Row. We feature the Campbells' life at the post on one side in the South Junior Officers' Quarters. We encourage everyone to come visit the Fort and take a look!

Fort Larned Hosts Cross Country Meet
by Ben Long, Park Ranger

     On October 17 Fort Larned National Historic Site hosted a Central Kansas League cross country meet. With the sun out and temperatures in the high 70s, runners and onlookers alike had an enjoyable time. To prepare for the 200 runners from 12 schools, organizers were at the Fort running different routes and marking different length courses for different age groups. Those in 7th grade ran one mile, 8th graders ran two miles, and high school students ran 3 miles. Part of the course for the high school students followed the nature and history trail while students of every age ran both inside and outside the parade ground and around the buildings. Along with the 200 runners were coaches, support personnel, and families, which combined for a quite a crowd on the grounds. It is an honor to host events such as these and reach out to so many communities and families at once. We hope this sparks an interest in those participating and attending to one day take their own tour and learn about the national treasure that is Fort Larned.

Fort Larned Old Guard
Chair's Column
by Janet Armstead

     What a beautiful evening, October 12, Candlelight Tour! If you recall, the temperatures had dropped a lot a couple of days before, but Saturday the 12th warmed up nicely. As usual, the wind was blowing quite a bit that day. As the sun went down so did the wind and the night sky was gorgeous! The full moon came up bright and big which put a glow on the still, lantern-lit Fort buildings. It was a night to remember, and the living-history volunteers and staff gave another outstanding performance. This annual event is always a highlight of the year.

     The volunteers and Fort staff painted a living picture of Fort life-from he enlisted men complaining about tasteless food-to the hospital patient being treated by the medical staff-to soldiers stealing food from the commissary that was intended for officers and their families. The officers' wives welcomed a newcomer to their group, offering advice and warm acceptance into the military family at Fort Larned.

     Even though I knew a shot was going to be heard-it still caught me off guard! I must have jumped a foot straight up! It was a nice, relaxing (except for the gunshot!) evening which allowed the imagination to drift back to an era gone by. My compliments to all involved in making the evening a memorable one.

     We had a Fort Larned Old Guard board meeting earlier in the day. I had been asked to see about putting the minutes of our meetings in Outpost. The board thought this was a good idea so you will find a condensed version of our minutes in this issue. This will allow you to know what and how we are doing with various issues. You have a board of individuals who have invested their time, resources, and energy to see that Fort Larned Old Guard helps the Fort staff with whatever they may need to give all attendees a memorable experience. Fort Larned Old Guard members and guests are always welcome to attend board meetings.

     The spring meeting plans, April 18, 2020, are not completely nailed down at this point. The weekend will be a collaboration with the Fort on the dedication of the new displays with the title being: Fort Larned Museum Dedication and Celebration. This is going to be a fantastic weekend - you will be hearing much more about this exciting event. Please get the date on your calendar.

     Do you ever shop online through Amazon? If so, please consider shopping through Amazon's charity site Amazon Smile. Everything you buy will send a donation to the 501(C)3 nonprofit that you select. Please consider selecting Fort Larned Old Guard as your nonprofit. We are earning a little bit each month in this way. If we all shop a little the rewards could become a lot!

     Are you looking for something exciting to do for the holidays? Are you having some company from out-of-town? Do you want a photo of your children or grandchildren with Santa? Bring them to A Frontier Army Christmas at Fort Larned on December 14, 2019, noon-4:30 p.m.

Superintendent's Corner
by Betty Boyko

     All the planning and hard work on the new museum exhibits is about to pay off. The exhibits are now in fabrication, with installation scheduled for completion in February of next year. Color Ad in Manassas, Virginia, is constructing them and will also install them. In September Geroge, Chappy, and I went to review the work. We were very impressed with the facility and came away hopeful that the exhibits will be of the highest quality and a wonderful addition to the park's visitor center. We viewed a mock-up of the Pepper's Ghost, which is a unique display that uses light and mirrors to make a projected image appear 3-dimensional. The Fort's Pepper's Ghost will be a Cheyenne Indian woman in a buffalo-hide tipi explaining about her life on the plains and the effect that Santa Fe Trail traffic and the army's presence had on the life of her people.

     We are planning a dedication celebration to "unveil" the new exhibits for April 18, 2020. The Fort Larned Museum Dedication and Celebration will be from 10:30 to 2:00 and will feature programs that highlight the complex, multi-cultural history of the fort. Plans are being formulated with the Old Guard so be on the lookout for event details once we get them set.

     We had another successful Candlelight Tour this past October. The weather was absolutely perfect this year. A clear night with cool (but not too cold) temperatures. This year's theme was "The Army Called it Home," with scenes that explored several aspects of daily life on a frontier military post. The scenes covered things like the bad food that soldiers were often served, the severe punishments they received for stepping out of line, as well as new arrivals trying to get their bearings in a vastly different living environment than they were used to. This popular yearly event is not possible without the help of our many dedicated volunteers. This year we had over 70 volunteers, including high school students and a few Old Guard members.

     As we wrap up 2019, I personally want to thank the Fort Larned Old Guard for the many ways they support the mission of Fort Larned - to protect and preserve the cultural and natural resources for future generations. I know the staff of the Fort feels as strongly as I do. Without the Old Guard and their dedication to research, education, and promoting the Trail and Fort, we would not be accomplishing nearly as much. We look forward to working with you in 2020.

Fort Larned Roll Call: Dylan Wozniak
by Ellen Jones, Park Ranger

     Fort Larned welcomes Dylan Wozniak, Maintenance Mechanic, to his new fulltime permanent position here. The Springfield, Missouri, native came to us from Glacier Bay, Alaska. He has worked at other parks in the Great North - Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Denali National Park & Preserve, and Gates of the Artic National Park & Preserve, to name a few. He has worked in the lower 48 at Great Bend National Park in Texas.

     Dylan attended Missouri State University in Springfield. His parents and two brothers still live there and are delighted that he's much closer to home. A seven-hour drive might seem long to most of us, but to Dylan it's an easy three-day weekend visit, a luxury he didn't have in Alaska.

     When asked about his first impressions from working at Fort Larned, he says, "I really like it. The community is friendly, the people are earnest. You don't find that everywhere." We are very happy to have Dylan as part of our team, protecting and preserving Fort Larned National Historic Site.

Volunteer Roll Call: Emily Grasser
by Ellen Jones, Park Ranger

     Emily Lynn Grasser grew up in Spearville, Kansas, where her parents still reside. She recently moved from Cimarron to Great Bend with her husband Tom and two children, Abby 13 and William 10. While living in Cimarron, she owned an alterations shop that offered sewing lessons and sold prom dresses. Her combined love of 18th and 19th century history and her sewing skills gave her many opportunities to show her hand-sewn and machine-sewn living-history costumes. She made her own Victorian-style wedding dress.

     Emily graduated from Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kansas, with a BA in Commercial Design and a minor in Fine Arts and Marketing, but she eventually took numerous history courses. History is her passion. Emily's experience in living history began when she was a young child when her parents joined the Jedediah Smith Muzzleloading Club out of Spearville. The club continues to meet to this day, though the membership is slim.

     Emily worked at Boot Hill in Dodge City one summer before she married, and didn't like the living-history clothing they gave her to wear. She and her mother worked on a project that would be her own living-history clothing, using an old sewing machine belonging to her aunt. She never stopped sewing on her life's journey and now the Fort is benefitting from her beautiful sewing and detailed mending.

     After attending several years of the Kansas Muzzleloaders Association she started showing her sewing accomplishments to members. Soon Emily was giving seminars and fashion shows for Kansas Muzzleloaders Association.

     At Fort Larned we are grateful to have Emily in our volunteer ranks. She took on a mighty big project when she totally re-hauled the clothing closet (see below). She donated several racks from her former business and enlisted her daughter Abby to help. The closet has never looked better. When asked what she likes about Fort Larned she says, "It feels like home." Emily is very familiar with Army forts west of the Mississippi and now she lives close to Fort Larned National Historic Site. We welcome her and daughter, Abby, as our newest volunteers.

Action Minutes Fort Larned Old Guard Board Meeting
October 12, 2019

     Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by Chairman Janet Armstead. Board members present were: Janet Armstead, Rex Abrahams, Mark Berry, Kristin Keith, Terry Nech, Linda Peters, Martha Scranton, Greg VanCoevern and Bonita Oliva. Also present were Leo Oliva, Village Site Administrator and Outpost Editor, Santa Fe Trail Association Manager.

     Approval of Minutes: Chairman Armstead asked for approval of the 4-27-2019 minutes including the E-mail business minutes 4-27-2019-10-12-2019 as written and e-mailed to the Board. Scranton moved that the minutes be approved. Peters seconded the motion. Motion carried.

     Treasurer's Report: The current balance is $10,398.66. VanCoevern moved to approve the Treasurer's report. Nech seconded. Motion carried.

     Village Site Report: Leo Oliva reported the current balance is $11,520.22. Abrahams moved that Leo submit a bill so Fort Larned Old Guard could reimburse him for the three signs and posts at Confrontation Ridge. Peters seconded. Motion carried.

     Membership Report: Peters reported a total of 43 lifetime members and a total of 44 annual paid members which includes 3 new members.

     Outpost Editor Report: Armstead stated that some members had mentioned to her that an abbreviated version of the Fort Larned Old Guard Board Meeting Minutes be published in Outpost. VanCoevern moved that an abbreviated version of the Fort Larned Old Guard Board Meeting Minutes be published in Outpost. Peters seconded. Motion carried.

     Park Ranger Ellen Jones gave a report on the - - - Art Contest!!! - - - Entry Form!!!

     Chief Ranger George Elmore's Report: Armstead moved that Fort Larned Old Guard pay the $9.55 bill from Coca Cola. Nech seconded. Motion carried. Elmore focused on the upcoming dedication of the new museum exhibits. The dedication, which will be called Fort Larned Musuem Dedication and Celebration, will occur on April 18, 2020. Elmore stated that the actual installation of the exhibits might be at the end of December.

     A meeting date for the committee working on the dedication needs to be set. Board members who volunteered to serve on this committee are Abrahams, VanCoevern, Scranton, and Keith.

     Mess and Muster Report: Rex Abrahams stated that the meeting on April 18, 2020 would be the Fort Larned Museum Dedication and Celebration.

     Old Business: -- Friends Agreement with National Park Service: Armstead stated the Fort Larned Old Guard is still operating under the Old Agreement due to National Park Service delay in revisions or rewrites.

     Sibley's Camp Update: Scranton reported on the Sibley Campsite.

     Facebook Committee: Keith reported that she had been trying to post something every week or two and stated that the more people who comment on the posts, the more successful it would be.

     Discussion was held about the prints donated by Alice Clapsaddle.

     Greg VanCoevern noted that the Santa Fe Trail will be celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2021.

     Nominating Committee report: Leo Oliva, Chair, other members-Scranton and Vicki Gillett, handed out a sheet detailing the terms of the Fort Larned Old Guard Board members.

     Scranton announced that the Wet/Dry Routes Chapter came up with a new sales item: socks, to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Santa Fe Trail.

     Discussion was held about documents in her possession that she felt should be in a safe place. She will check with Ranger Elmore about this.

     Armstead adjourned the meeting stating that the date of the next meeting would have to be determined.
          Respectfully Submitted, Bonita Oliva, Secretary

Was Jeb Stuart At Fort Larned?
by Sam Young, Fort Larned National Historic Site Volunteer

     Most of you probably know that JEB (James Ewell Brown) Stuart was a famous Confederate Army Cavalry general who served in the Army of Northern Virginia under General Robert E. Lee. But, how many of you know that in 1855, a year after graduating from West Point, Stuart was assigned to the new First U. S. Cavalry Regiment and transferred to Fort Leavenworth? There he met Flora Cooke, the daughter of LIeutenant Colonel Philip St. George Cooke, commander of the 2nd U. S. Dragoon Regiment. JEB and Flora were married on 14 November 1855.

     Stuart, during the next six years, remained assigned to the First Cavalry and was involved in campaigns against the Indians throughout the Central Plains and the building of Fort Wise, later renamed Fort Lyon. Additionally he was involved in the efforts to maintain peace during the "Bloody Kansas" period. On 22 April 1861, Stuart was promoted to captain. With the advent of the Civil War, Stuart left the First Cavalry on 3 May 1861 when he resigned his commission and left the U. S. Army.

     Was he ever at Fort Larned? George Elmore planted this seed in my mind probably six years ago, and I do not recall him answering that question. So, after years of pondering that idea, I started pursuing the answer.

     I started with where Stuart was in October 1859 when the First Cavalry established what later became Fort Larned. He was on temporary duty in Washington City and serving as Colonel Robert E. Lee's aide-de-camp during the capture of John Brown at Harpers Ferry. Stuart knew Brown from Kansas and was able to identify the man who claimed to be "Smith" as abolitionist John Brown. Brown, was tried, found guilty, and hanged.

     Elements of the First Cavalry were all over the Central Plains area of western Kansas, southern Nebraska, southeastern Wyoming, eastern Colorado, northern Oklahoma, and northern Texas during the years Stuart served with the First Cavalry. On 29 July 1857, Stuart and several hundred cavalrymen under command of Colonel Edwin V. Sumner, with drawn sabers, attacked and scattered a large number of Cheyenne Indians at the Battle of Solomon Fork. Stuart was wounded by one of the Indians.

     But, was it possible Stuart was at or near the site of Fort Larned? At this point I knew I needed the monthly reports of the companies of the First Cavalry for the years 1855-1861. While I have access to the microfilm of those reports, it is not close to me, I lack a good microfilm reader, and time to do the research is lacking in my schedule. Thus, I went back to George. And guess what he told me? He has a copy of the parts of JEB's personal diary for when he was at Camp Alert (later named Fort Larned)!

     George forwarded to me copies of the diary pages (Kansas Historical Quarterly, XXIII (WInter 1957), 382-400, "The Kiowa and the Comanche Campaign of 1860 as Recorded in the Personal Diary of Lt. J. E. B. Stuart," edited by W. Stitt Robinson) containing JEB Stuart's time at Camp Alert. Here is what Stuart wrote (I corrected spelling, punctuation, and abbreviations to facilitate understanding):

     "MAY, WEDNESDAY, 23, 1860. At 12 miles march today strike Santa Fe route at Pawnee Rock. Many wagons on route to Santa Fe & Pike's Peak. 6 miles on Santa Fe road bring us to Ash creek-a ranch-and here, turning to right going 7 miles farther reach Pawnee Fork, cross it at Bell's bridge. Substantial structure built by Bell D. & mail agent. Camp Alert on west bank and above. Called on Maj. Wessells. commander. Camped just below bridge.

     "MAY, THURSDAY, 24, 1860. Moved camp today 5 miles lower down, to Arkansas River for better grass. Went up to Camp Alert & dined with Maj. Wessells. Lt. W. F. Lee & lady treated me with marked kindness also Maj. W & wife. I gave the calf to Maj. W's boys. Visited camp of 2nd Dragoons Squadron under Capt. Steele. Companies C & K. Armstrong & Sol Williams with it. In afternoon got odometer. Lt. Lee, Mrs. L, & Mrs. Wessells went down to camp in Wing's ambulance. The young officers rather on frolic. Armstrong's horse in leaping pole in Newby's hands shyed & knocked Newby senseless. I serenaded ladies at night.

     "MAY, FRIDAY, 25, 1860. Pack Mules & saddles distributed this morning; generally gentle. The day was consumed in adjusting saddles & packing experimentally. Walker went to Camp Alert today-six miles off.

     "MAY, SATURDAY, 26, 1860. Today Maj. Sedgwick determined to send a party of 30 men, south of Arkansas River to reconnoiter & if expedient attack the enemy if there; a smoke having been seen the night previous. I go in command; also, Jo Taylor & Sol Williams. Go S. E. 25 miles & arrive at Otter Creek, at 9 P.M. No Indians, camp without cooking, having 2 days rations on our horses-suffered some from cold."

     Later, "AUGUST, FRIDAY, 10, 1860. Travelled S. W. from Sarcoxie spring & after 12 miles came to Walnut Creek, halted & grazed, then crossed S. W. the Santa Fe road and camped on the Arkansas River. Here we met Sedgwick's guides who informed us that Sedgwick had preceded us several days at Fort Larned, and that the Expedition was broken up-4 companies of cavalry ordered to Bent's Fort to winter & build post. Startling news: 2 companies of the 2nd C\Dragoons to take post at Fort Larned. Williams & I left camp about sundown & went up to Larned, 18 miles, that night. Lee told me I had a fine son (Stuart and his wife, Flora, had a son, James Ewell Brown II, born on 26 June 1860).

     "AUGUST, SATURDAY, 11, 1860. Steele's command came in about 11 a.m. McIntyre is going in to Riley for company property. I apply for 7 days leave to go with him; granted. We are to leave tomorrow, with 6 wagons & 4 sergeants. Everybody is blue & disgusted.

     "AUGUST, SUNDAY, 12, 1860. Start for Fort Riley. Go by Larned--take in my two mules. They follow. I ride my roan Kiowa, leaving Beppo(?) with Lee at Larned. camp on Walnut creek."

     The evidence is clear, JEB Stuart was at Fort Larned on several occasions! Also, other information came forth.

     Remember Stuart's son, JEB II? It is highly probable he was at Fort Larned. In August, 1887, JEB III was born in Larned, KS. JEB II had been a student for almost two years at VMI (VIrginia Military Institute) where he received engineer training. I can only speculate that he and his wife were living in Larned for business opportunities. While there he possibly visited the old Fort Larned site. The Stuart family sometime later returned to Virginia where JEB III died in July 1888. Maybe JEB III visited Fort Larned with his parents. But this is not the rest of the story.

     JEB II and his wife had several more children, to include another son, born in 1897 who was also named James Ewell Brown Stuart III! Both JEB Stuarts III are buried in the Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA.

     There is much more to the Stuart family story. JEB's story is what makes studying and writing about history exciting and enjoyable.

The Enlisted Men of Company C, Third Infantry
Part XVI - John Crowe, Gadence Daske, and
Ernest Eisenhardt
by Celeste Dixon, Park Ranger

     [Fort Larned's main interpretive year is 1868, which is the year the stone buildings were completed. Company C, 3rd U. S. Infantry, was stationed at Fort Larned during that year and part of the research for the restoration of the barracks and hospital building was finding out information for most of these enlisted men. That information was compiled in the Historic Furnishing Study: Enlisted Men's Barracks and Post Hospital, HS-2. Here is the sixteenth installment in a series on the enlisted men whose information is included in that report. There are no photos available for these enlisted soldiers.]

     The next three men on the list of Company C soldiers (John Crowe, Gadence Daske, and Ernest Eisenhardt) all had fairly uneventful stints at Fort Larned. All three of them spent almost the entire year on company duty with some exceptions. There is also a very limited amount of additional information about them.

     The first of these three men, John Crowe, is listed on the 1870 census as being originally from Ireland. His listing on the census means that he re-enlisted for another 5-year term after his discharge in 1869. He spent the entire year on company duty without any other assignments.

     Gadence Daske enlisted on November 10, 1865, in Brooklyn, New York. Pvt. Daske started the year on detached service on picket duty at Fort Zarah. He was there until the 15th when he returned to Fort Larned and was on company duty. Except for being on sick call twice, once for diarrhea in March and once for an incised wound in June, his only other break from company duty was for escort duty. In July he was assigned to escort the paymaster and in September he was on escort duty to Fort Dodge. He was honorably discharged on November 10, 1868.

     Ernest Eisenhardt enlisted on November 9, 1865, also in Brooklyn, New York. He spent the entire year of 1868 on company duty until he was honorably discharged on November 9, 1868.

Maintenance Matters
by William Chapman, Facility Manager

     It has been very busy since our last report. The maintenance staff is happy to serve the park visitors and maintain the park. I want to spread the word that we will be recruiting for the custodian position. It is still pending and the announcement will be posted on {www,} and our website {}.

     If you did experience the Candlelight Tour, you did not debrief or enjoy refreshments in the commanding officer's quarters as normally is done. The window repair and lead abatement project is nearing its end. By the time you read this the inspection and contract will be completed. The work looks good and the building will soon be reopened.

     At the Ruts we will be cutting down invasive cedar trees that sprouted over the last few years. While there we will address the sharp ledge at the entry area. Reaching out to the township to correct this has not been successful.

     Robert installed the faux window sashes on the Buffalo Soldiers window video. It now provides the appearance of viewing the video through a window as if you are watching a training drill on the parade ground from a barracks window. We invite the 32 volunteers involved in the filming to come look.

     Alteration to the museum exhibit galleries and the auditorium are now limited to the doors and the installation of storage units. The north single door and the south double door will be altered from internal swing to external swing. The north door will appear as a board and batten style door while retaining the raised panel appearance on the exterior surface. The south door will be converted from two doors to a single door, but maintaining the appearance of the double door. These doors will also have an operational change as well, they will become emergency exits only, limiting the access to the main visitor center door. We have received the cabinets from the contractor that will be installing these on the perimeter of the auditorium. We are currently painting them prior to installation which should begin right after the Veterans Day holiday.

     Fort Larned National Historic Site assisted the Kansas State Historic Preservation Office (Kansas SHPO) with providing a hands-on workshop for window preservation and maintenance at the Kansas Historic Preservation Conference in Dodge City in September. Robert and I provided a 3-hour workshop on the preservation and maintenance of windows and their importance within a structure. We taught them to remove window light panes (glass) and to install them, simple wood repairs to sashes and frames, and the bowline knot used to secure window weight to the sash line, and many other useful skills.

     Regarding the re-vegetation project, the protective fencing has been removed. Walking paths moving visitors through the interpretive planting areas have been constructed and the boarder of buffalo grass sod placed along the sidewalk. We still have seeding of the prairie area to the west of the road. This should be accomplished in late November.

Fort Larned In The News
From The Kansas State Journal (Leavenworth KS), Sept. 1, 1864, reprinted from Leavenworth Times:
Latest from Fort Larned.

     Mr. Kellogg, who arrived in this city from Fort Larned last evening, brings in intelligence of more Indian depredations on the Southern or Arkansas route. Several trains arriving at Fort Larned recently, joined forces and proceeded on their way to Fort Union. Between Larned and the lower crossing of the Arkansas, Indians were visible on the bluffs every day, following up the trains, but making no hostile demonstrations. When in corral near the lower crossing of the Arkansas, and about sixty miles from Fort Larned, the Indians broke in among the stock, stampeding three or four hundred head of cattle, the greater part of which, we are sorry to say, belonged to Messrs. Rapine, of this city. Every head belonging to their train was taken, and the wagonmaster, Andy Blanchard, well known in this city, was killed while endeavoring to re-capture some of the stolen stock. The Indians drove it across the river, and into the bluffs beyond. A squad of soldiers came up before the Indians got out of sight, and it is fair to presume that a majority of the cattle will be recaptured. The trains were all loaded with Government freight en route for posts in New Mexico and Colorado. Teams were sent out from Fort Larned, and Rapine's train brought back to that post. It is thought that the Indians are deserting the Platte route, and concentrating on the Arkansas, preparatory to a grand raid on the out-going Government trains.

     Since writing the above, we learn that the mules belonging to a Mexican train, numbering 175 were run off by the Indians forty-five miles further up the Arkansas. A train belonging to Mr. McManus, of this city, was in company with the above, but of its fate, nothing definite is known.

Rebecca Hiller, 1971-2019
     Rebecca Eileen (Putnam) Hiller, age 48, lost her long battle with cancer October 30, 2019, at UW Hospital in Madison, WI. She was born in April 1971 at Gorgas Hospital, Panama Canal Zone. She moved frequently as her father pursued his Air Force career, attending schools in Del Rio, Texas; RAF Lakenheath/Feltwell England; Satellite Beach, Florida; and Sand Springs, Oklahoma. On graduation from high school in Sand Springs, she pursued military service as an Army Supply Specialist. While serving with the Patriot Missile unit during the Desert Storm Gulf War, she survived the first Scud missile attack in Saudi Arabia.

     Rebecca was married in 1994 to fellow soldier, Robert Hiller, and a son (Christian) was born to that marriage. After a divorce and discharge from the Army she worked in Oklahoma City. In 1997 she and Christian moved to Clintonville WI to be near family and pursue further education. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. She was nominated for the University Leadership Award and inducted into the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi in 2005. She completed an internship at Neville Public Museum in Green Bay, and volunteered for projects at several history institutions, including the Green Bay Area Research Center, Heritage Hill State Park, Green Bay, and the local Clintonville Historical Society.

     In February 2006 Rebecca and Christian moved to Larned KS where she served as Curator of the Santa Fe Trail Center Museum and Research Library. In 2008 she changed jobs and worked for the Register of Deeds at the Pawnee County Courthouse in Larned. Later she moved back to Clintonville doing temporary work and pursuing further technology courses. In February 2013 she returned to the Trail Center and in time progressed to its directorship where she developed strong friendships with staff, volunteeers, board, and community members. She will be greatly missed by family and friends for her kindness and respect for all; and for her resilience and fortitude in pursuing excellence in all her endeavors. She was a member of the Fort Larned Old Guard.

     Rebecca is survived by parents, James and Lucy (Sears) Putnam; son, Christian and his fiancee Makayla OLson; maternal grandmother, Marie Sears; several aunts, uncles, cousins; and many friends in the Larned area and nationwide.

     There will be a graveside service at Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery in Manawa WI announced at a later date. Memorials may be made to the Santa Fe Trail Center, 1349 K-156 Hwy, Larned KS 67550 or the American Cancer Society, PO Box 22478, Oklahoma City OK 73123. To send personal condolences to Rebecca's family, please contact the Santa Fe Trail Center (620-285-2054) for addresses.

Chancel Bell Ringers To Perform At
Annual Christmas Event

     The Fort Larned Christmas Past Celebration will be on Saturday, December 14, from 12:00 p.m, to 4:30 p.m. This year we will feature music by the Chancel Hand Bell Choir, First Christian Church in Great Bend. The hand bell musicians are from all walks of life, with different music experiences, and range from ages 11 to age 70. They perform once a month at the church and on numerous occasions over the holidays. Mary Hunter, the leader of the choir, enjoys being a part of the music group. She says, "We come together to have fun and to praise God." The hand bell choir will perform at 2:30 in the Visitor Center. We hope to fill our auditorium with an audience and heavenly music.

     Our Christmas celebration will include favorite activities like pictures with Santa, crafts and games for ages, and 19th-century delectable desserts. Christmas would have been a special time of year for the residents of the Fort, marked by a gathering of the officers and their families with the enlisted men.

     Dec. 14, 2019: Fort Larned Christmas Past, noon-4:30 p.m.
     Feb. 1, 2020: Deadline for the second annual student photo/art contest entries; please see the insert in this issue and share with anyone who may be interested.
     April 18, 2020: Fort Larned Museum Dedication and Celebration, followed by Fort Larned Old Guard Mess & Muster; watch for details in Winter issue of Outpost.

Membership Reminder
     Annual memberships expire on December 31. If you have not renewed for 2020, please send dues to membership chair Linda Peters, 1035 S Bridge St, Lakin KS 67860. Additional donations are always welcome to assist with projects of the Old Guard.
     Thank you for your support.

February 1, 2020

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Membership Reminder
     Annual memberships in the Fort Larned Old Guard expire on December 31. If you have not renewed for 2017, please send dues to membership chair Linda Peters, 1035 S Bridge St, Lakin KS 67860. Additional donations are always welcome to assist with projects of the Old Guard. Thank you so much for all your support!!!

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Schedule of Annual Events
     True to life stories of the Indian Wars along the Santa Fe Trail, brought to life by some of the greatest volunteers in the West. . . ! Visit the most complete Indian fort surviving from the days when Custer and Buffalo Bill Cody rode through this part of the West on their missions. Original restored buildings to that time period, a visitor center, Park Rangers will guide you through this adventure of the Old West.

     Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday, Sunday & Monday) largest living history event in western Kansas - experience a working frontier fort.

     Labor Day Weekend (Saturday, Sunday, & Monday) Re-enactors bring Fort Larned back to life for the holiday weekend.

     Candlelight Tour (2nd Saturday of October) Entertaining evening tours with vignettes from the fort's history.

     Christmas Open House (2nd Saturday of December) Old-fashioned Yuletide celebration with hot apple cider, cookies and Christmas carols.

     Fort Larned National Historic Site is a unit of the U.S. National Park Service located six miles west of Larned on Kansas Highway 156. Open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p. m. daily, the park's Visitor Center/Museum and all furnished buildings are admission free. Information on Fort Larned may be found at {www.National Park}, by calling 620-285-6911, or by sending email to {fols_superintendent@National Park}.

Santa Fe Trail Research Site

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