Pictorial Salute To
Steve Linderer

Steve's quarters at the east entrance of
Yellowstone National Park. This photo
dates from either the winter
1973-74 or 1974-75.
Part of his green Mustang is
visible on the left.

Taken sometime between August 1975 and
June 1978, this view shows Steve in the
ranger's office at Hawaii Volcanoes
National Park -- a definite change
from Yellowstone!

Steve's wife Margaret says, "Steve is modeling the outfit of a
gentleman from about 1739 at Friendship Hill National Historic Site
in 1986. He was the manager there, incidentially, this was my first
attempt at making historic clothing."

At Fort Larned NHS, Steve learned the fine art of Multi-tasking.
Not visble in this photograph is his right foot running a computer mouse.

In the fall of 1973, Steve
completed police school
at the Department of
the Treasury's Consolidated
Federal Law Enforcement
Training Center in
Washington, DC.
This a portion of his
graduating class, with
Steve in the center of the
second row from the front.

Margaret included this photo of her
husband, noting it was probably
taken on a family vacation
to Walt Disney World in the late
1980's. While the temptation is
great to make a comment about
about Steve wearing many hats
during his career, we'll
simply say that Fort Larned Old Guard hopes he
enjoys his retirement!

As superintendent at Fort Larned NHS, Steve greeted various VIP's, including U.S. Sentor Pat Roberts (above left) and retired U. S. Sentor Bob Dole (above right). Both politicans have been strong supporters of the Fort and both attended FLOG's "Bob Dole Appreciation Day" in 1997.

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