Running Turkey Creek Camp
Marion County, Kansas

     Twelve and a half miles beyond Cottonwood Hole, the Santa Fe Trail crossed Running Turkey Creek. At this crossing, in 1858, a mail station was in operation at a trading ranche operated by the Waterman family. In 1864, eighteen-year-old Ed Miller was killed by Cheyennes a few miles northeast of the ranche. At the time of his death, young Mr. Miller was delivering a message to the Watermans concerning the illness of Nancy Waterman Moore at the Moore Ranche on, Cottonwood Creek. Miller's body, scalped and pierced with arrows, was found on the Trail. Friends buried him nearby. His grave was later incorporated in a cemetery established on the Trail. Around the turn of the century, a handsome tombstone inscribed with information relative to his death, was placed at his grave. Beyond these few details, not much is known of the Waterman Ranche. However, a considerable amount of information remains in regard to the Big Turkey Creek Ranche eight miles further southwest.

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