Happy Hollow School
District #16
by Galva Museum

Happy Hollow School District #16
     Happy Hollow, at one time known as Scrabble Hill, was formed on January 15, 1874. In 1877 there was a frame building valued at $400.00 with bonds issued for $230.00.

     Happy Hollow, located three miles south of Galva, was 'home away from home' for those who attended. Many are the happy memories of the splendid teachers who taught and inspired their students to pursue their goals and aspirations. With sad regret the school was closed on February 15, 1954 and was unified with the Sunflower School.

     Sunflower School was in the Moundridge school district so on July 1, 1966 Sunflower School was consolidated with the Moundridge Schools. As a result of the consolidation and later busing the students into the town school Sunflower was sold to the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite July, 1977.

     We were able to obtain several photos of the old school and children in costume of what may have been the dedication of their Santa Fe Trail Oval Sign.

     I donít know if I've sent you a photo of the sign after we hung it in the Happy Hollow display here at the Galva Museum. The name of the school has another story. It too was "saved" from destruction and spent many years in Florida before the owner donated it to the museum. The maps are also from Happy Hollow and below the porcelain sign are pictures of Happy Hollow.

Happy Hollow School #1 School Chiildren in Program at the Dedication #2 School Chiildren in Program at the Dedication #3 Happy Hollow School in Use #4
Happy Hollow School in Disrepair #5 Happy Hollow School in Disrepair #6
Click on photo for larger view
     Photo #1 shows the 1877 Scrabble Hill/Happy Hollow School building with students.
     Photo #2 shows the Happy Hollow School in 1952.
     Photo #3 - 4 shows what we believe are the Happy Hollow School children at the dedication of the Santa Fe Trail Oval Sign.
     Photo #5 shows the Happy Hollow School in disrepair after it closed. If you look close above the Happy Hollow sign above the porch you can see where this Oval Sign once hung. It was saved from being lost in the late 1970s
     Photo #6 There was a "big" hill in back of Happy Hollow School that the kids fondly recalled sledding on during recess. I've attached a picture of that plus a picture of the school that shows where the sign used to hang.

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