DAR Marker Locations
State of Colorado
on the
Santa Fe Trail

Prowers County

     "Kansas/Colorado Line"
Located on the north side of US 50 highway at the Kansas/Colorado State lines.

     "Holly Ranch House"
This marker is located southeast of Town. The marker was first located at Holly Warm Springs, an Indian Campsite and was later moved to the Santa Fe Depot in the town of Holly, Colorado.

At the entrance to Amity Mill and Farm Office at Road 30.5 in the ditch to the east of this entrance is the location of a DAR Marker.

     "North of Granada"
At the junction of US 50 and US 385 proceed 2.5 miles north, the marker is on the east side of US 385 highway.

     "North of Carlton"
Proceed west of Granada, Colorado on US 50 highway to Road 19, then go north on this road 1.9 miles to the location of the marker on the east side of the road.

     "North of Morse"
Proceed .3 mile north on Road 19 to Colorado Highway 196, then west six miles to Road 13. The marker is on the west side of Road 13.

     "North of Lamar"
From Lamar, Colorado proceed north of town on US 50 across the Arkansas River bridge about 2 miles to the Point of Intrest sign, the marker is located on the east side at this turnout.

Bent County

     "Bent's New Fort/Fort Wise"
West of Lamar on US 50 to Road 35, south one mile, then east to Road JJ for one tenth mile, south on Road 35. The marker is located on a hill west of the road on ranch land. Foundation stones of the fort remain at this site in the field.

     "South of McClaver"
On US 50 proceed west to Road 30, go south to Road JJ. The marker is about one half mile south on the west side of the road.

     "South of Hasty"
At Hasty, Colorado, turn south on Road 24 for 2.2 miles on the pavement, then turn west at a curve on to a dirt road. Continue west to the sign that says, "Santa Fe Trail", go south to the marker that is enclosed in a fenced area.

     "North of Fort Lyon"
At the junction of US 50 and Colorado Highway 163, proceed south on 163 to the marker on the west side of the road.

     "West of Fort Lyon"
On US 50 highway go to Road 13. The marker sits on the north side of the highway. This marker was moved from it's location in Caddoa Creek area when the John Martin Dam and Reservoir was constructed on the Arkansas River.

     "Northeast of Las Animas"
This marker is two miles west of the marker at Road 13 on US 50.

     "George Baublits Farm"
At the Junction of Colorado Highway 194 and US 50 go west to Road 6.25. The marker is in a pasture south of Highway 194.

Otero County

     "Bent's Old Fort Gateway"
Go west on Colorado Highway 194 to the stone archway that is the entrance to the National Historical Site of Bent's Old Fort. The marker was moved from it's original location on a farm adjoining the fort to the west. The marker sits on a pedestal to the west of the stone archway.

     "Bent's Fort Marker"
This marker was also moved in 1984 from it's original location on the fort site to a spot under the gateway entrance that is closed to traffic.

     "La Junta Court House Square"
On the southeast corner of the Court House Square is the location of this marker.

     "Southwest of La Junta"
West of La Junta at Potters park take US 350 soutwest three miles to the marker on the west side of the highway. This marker was moved from a grove of trees in the area to its present location.

     "West of La Junta"
At the junction of Colorado Highway 71 and US 350 go north one half mile, the marker is sitting on the west side of Highway 71.

At Timpas cross the Santa Fe Railroad tracks and turn right towards the government building. The marker is in the field about one quarter of a mile to the west.

On US 350 at mile post 51, the marker sits in the ditch on the west side of the highway. This marker was also moved from its original location.

     "Iron Springs"
On road 9 go south one half mile, the marker isto the west in the pasture. The site of the Iron Springs Stage Stop was about a mile from the location of the marker. There is little left to mark the spot of the stage stop.

Las Animas County

On the east side of US 350 across from Road 88.0 in the ditch is the location of this marker.

On US 350 turn right at Road 76.5 and go through the town of Thatcher, Colorado to the end of the road, turn right and proceed to the farm house, on the right is a gate that leads to the marker about 300 yards in some trees.

Four miles southwest of Thatcher on US 350 to Road 70.0, there is a railroad crossing that is .2 mile northeast of the marker on the right side of the road.

On US 350 at about milepost 60.5 on the right side of the road is this marker.

     "West of Model"
One half mile southwest of the town of Model on US 350 at Road 52.0, turn right and continue two and one half miles on the dirt road. This marker sits near the road at this point.

     "Northeast of Hoehne"
From the town of Hoehne, Colorado go north on road 83.8 to the junction of Road 42.0, turn right, and go .4 mile to the marker on the north side of the road.

     "El Moro"
Five miles east of Trinidad, Colorado turn left on Road 75.1 to El Moro. turn left on Road 32.0, the marker sits a short distance from the road on the left in a field near the farm house.

     "Kit Carson Park, Trinidad"
This marker is larger then most of the DAR markers. It had historical information on both sides, also a DAR insignia on one side,and a Colorado State Seal on the other.

     "Raton Pass"
At exit 6 on I25 south of Trinidad, the marker sits on a lava stone base. This marker is in Colorado, but the Raton Pass straddles the Colorado/New Mexico border so it has been listed in both Colorado and New Mexico Marker lists.

     "Dick Wootton Toll Gate"
On the north side of Raton Pass at exit 2 on the Don Berg's Ranch is the location of this DAR marker. This is on private property and permission is a must at this site to view the marker.

     "North Portal Santa Fe RR Tunnel"
On the Don Berg's Ranch continue south on a dirt road along the railroad to the tunnel. This is the last marker in the State of Colorado on the Mountain Branch.

Cimarron Route in Colorado
Baca County

     "Former Springer Ranch"
Sixteen miles south of Springfield on US 287, south of the junction of US 160 to Road M, turn east, and continue to near the Colorado/Kansas line. The marker is in East 1/2 of Section 15 Township 34 South Range 41 West.

     "Miles Ranch/Nine Mile Camp"
Back on Road M go to Road 45, then south to Road G. This marker is near the middle of Section 22 Township 34 South Range 42 West.

     "Streeter Ranch"
Back to Road 45, go south to Road C to some abandoned ranch buildings. About one quarter mile south of Road C, go to the marker in Southeast 1/4 of Section 11 Township 35 South Range 43 West, just north of the Oklahoma line.

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