Pawnee County, Kansas


US 56 Southwest of Pawnee Rock Kansas

     DAR Marker Number 52;
The Marker is "near" the crossing. This is the famous spot where Susan Magoffin's carriage upset and she later miscarried the baby she didn't know she was carrying. The Marker has inscribed on the back "Santa Fe Trail" it doesn't sit on the Trail but at a point mid-way between the Wet/Dry Routes. US 56, 3 miles southwest of Pawnee Rock on the south side beteeen the road and the railway.
Section 13, Township 21 South, Range 16 West.
GPS: N38 13.426 -- W099 02.420


West Side of the Larned State Hospital Grounds

     DAR Marker Number 53;
The Marker was first placed in the Larned City Park. In 1910 the Park was closed. The Marker was stored until 1930. The Regent of the Fort Larned Chapter, DAR at that time was the wife of the State Hospital Administrator. She thought it would be a good place for the Marker. So, it was reset on the State Hospital grounds. It was placed at the Pawnee Creek Crossing on the Dry Route. Nearby was the infamous Boyd's Ranch. KS 156 to KS 264, south to the State Hospital grounds, west to the west edge of the grounds.
Section 2, Township 22 South, Range 17 West
GPS: N38 10.391 -- W099 09.583


West Side of the Larned Santa Fe Depot

     DAR Marker Number 54;
This Marker was described by Cordry and Martin as being placed "in the old Fort Larned burying ground, where the trail passes through the cemetery" The first DAR survey places it at the Santa Fe Depot. If the Marker was ever in the cemetery, it was moved to the deport prior to 1939. It remained there until the depot closed. The Marker was then moved to the little park along Southwest Trail Street. An accident in February, 1997 afforded the opportunity to return it to the Depot, which is considered an original location. The town of Larned "was the out growth of civilization setting near the protection of the soldiers at Old Fort Larned, where the Government had stationed soldiers for the protection of travelers along the Santa Fe Trail, during Indian troubles" Mrs T. A. Cordry. This Marker commemorates the Wet Route which heads towards the southern part of the city following the Arkansas River. The Marker was rededicated September 23, 1997. US 56 to Southwest Trail Street to the old Santa Fe Depot on the west side in the triangle.
Section 32, Township 21 South, Range 16 West
GPS: N38 10.628 -- W099 05.893


In the Rest Area at the Entrance of Fort Larned National Historic Site

     DAR Marker Number 55;
From 1859 until 1878 this was an outpost in the wilderness, the wind blew, the buffalo roamed and the Plains Tribes attacked. The Federal government stationed soldiers here to protect the travelers along the Santa Fe Trail. The base of the Marker includes the history of Fort Larned. The Marker was moved from the parade ground into the road side park in 1983, so that it would be more visible. The Marker was dedicated September 22, 1983. KS 156 to the Fort Larned National Historic Site, east of the park entrance in the shelter area.
Section 32, Township 21 South Range 17 West
GPS: N38 11.304 --W099 13.035


Located in the City Park Garfield Kansas

     DAR Marker Number 56;
The Marker sits near the junction of the Fort Larned Military Road and the Wet Route of the Santa Fe Trail. Nearby is Coon Creek Crossing and campground. US 56 and 3rd Street on the north side of the road in the City Park.
Section 1, Township 23 South, Range 18 West
GPS: N38 04.530 -- W099 14.620

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