Nimitz Hall Fort Dodge
Fort Dodge, Kansas
Santa Fe Trail
GPS: 37-43-51N/099-56-08W

Nimitz Hall Fort Dodge Kansas

     Three sets of enlisted barracks were constructed at Fort Dodge, Kansas. All three were located along the east side of the parade ground and faced west. Each barracks building was intended to house one company of soldiers at maximum strength. Fort Dodge was consequently referred to as a "three-company post." However, additional companies were often present at the fort, as part of the garrison assigned there or as part of an expedition being outfitted at the post. The northern two barracks were built of stone in 1867 and the southern one of adobe in 1868. Each barracks measured 130 x 30 feet and had a 50 x 30ft attached ell containing the kitchen and dining room. Surgeons Charles S. De Graw and William S. Tremaine provided a few additional details about the company quarters:

     "The dormitory, 118 feet long, contains 22 double two-tier bunks, allowing 362 cubic feet per man. Ventilation is effected by oposite windows and doors, heating by wood stoves. In the rear is a well, and attached to the kitchen is a wooden shed, with trough for washing. The latrines are about 30 yards distant."

     The two stone enlisted barracks are still standing and in use at the Fort Dodge Soldiers' Home. They have been connected with a stone addition and altered slightly from their original appearance. The building is called "Nimitz Hall" in present time.

Nimitz Hall Marker Fort Dodge Kansas

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