Warehouse - Museum
Fort Dodge, Kansas
"Santa Fe Trail"
GPS: 37-43-53N/099-56-15W

Museum at Fort Dodge Kansas

     This is the western stone warehouse still standing, though slightly modified, now is the Museum and Library at Fort Dodge, Kansas. This building once served as a warehouse for the fort, it is now a "must see" on the grounds. It now houses the museum and library. Do stop by and visit this interesting buliding and see the relics and history it houses.

     Three connected storehouses were located along the west side of the Fort Dodge parade ground. The storehouses were shown on both plans of the fort. The warehouses to the west and east were of stone while the middle storehouse was of frame construction. The western warehouse was used by the Subsistence Department and the other two by the Quartermaster Department, with the central storehouse used for forage. These buildings were described in the 1870 surgeons' report as:

     ". . .two in number, located on the west side of the parade, and are built of sandstone, 130 by 30 feet each, and separated by a wooden shed, 110 by 27 feet, which is used as a forage house. At the north end of each building two rooms are partitioned off as offices, one for post headquarters."

     Three connected storehouses were shown on both plans of Fort Dodge. On the Surgeon William S. Tremaine's 1875 report lists only two storehouses, an 1876 US,MDM report mentions only two storehouses.

Museum at Fort Dodge Kansas

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