Fort Hays/Fort Dodge Road

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  18. Ruts, the result of impacted soil caused by the heavy traffic of freight wagons, take on the appearance of swales. Such swales are of varying sizes ranging from a few to many yards in width. Because of the impaction, often vegetation of a different nature from that in the immediate environment grows in the ruts.

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  24. Along frontier roads, enterprising entrepreneurs established small pockets of private enterprise called road ranches, trading ranches, or in some cases, whiskey ranches. Most commonly known simply as ranches, the little businesses catered to the needs of travelers, selling groceries, hardware, ammunition, and a constant supply of spirits. To augment their income, ranche proprietors traded livestock and supplied forage. Ranches located at crossings often operated a toll bridge.

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  27. Cutdown refers to that area of the stream bank "cut down" by travelers to reduce the grade and thus allow easier access to and from the stream.

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