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     KanColl, in partnership with the Kansas State Historical Society, is bringing the issues of the Kansas Historical Quarterly to the World Wide Web. The Society began publishing this amazing collection of articles, studies, and reminiscenses in 1931.

     Our thanks to the Society, who gave us permission to digitize the Quarterlies in KanColl; to the first volunteer coordinator, who suggested this idea; and to the many volunteers who have worked so hard to bring these issues to you.

  1. November 1931, No. 1
    Walker D. Wyman, "Freighting: A Big Business on the Santa Fe Trail"

  2. November 1931, No. 1
    Marvin H. Garfield, "The Military Post as a Factor in the Frontier Defense of Kansas, 1865-1869"

  3. February 1932, No. 2
    Marvin H. Garfield, "Defense of the Kansas Frontier, 1864-65"

  4. August 1932, No. 4
    Marvin H. Garfield, "Defense of the Kansas Frontier, 1866-67"

  5. August 1932, No. 4
    Paul I. Wellman, "Some Famous Kansas Frontier Scouts"

  6. November 1932, No. 5
    Walker D. Wyman, "The Military Phase of Santa Fe Freighting, 1846-1865"

  7. November 1932, No. 5
    Marvin H. Garfield, "Defense of the Kansas Frontier, 1868-69"

  8. November 1937, No. 4
    Mahlon Bailey, "Medical Sketch of the Nineteenth Regiment of Kansas Cavalry Volunteers"

  9. February 1938, No. 1
    Myra E. Hull, ed., "Soldiering on the High Plains: The Diary of Lewis Byram Hull, 1864-186

  10. February 1938, No. 1
    Virginia Pierce Hicks, "Sketches of Early Days in Kearny County"

  11. May 1938, No. 2
    Raymond L. Welty, "Supplying the Frontier Military Posts"

  12. August 1938, No. 3
    Raymond L. Welty, "The Policing of the Frontier by the Army, 1860-1870"

  13. May 1942, No. 2
    Louise Barry, "The Fort Leavenworth-Fort Gibson Military Road and the Founding of Fort Scott"

  14. November 1948, No. 4
    H. B. Mollhausen, "Over the Santa Fe Trail Through Kansas in 1858"

  15. February 1951, No. 1
    "Robbery on the Santa Fe Trail in 1842"

  16. Autumn 1955, No. 3
    James W. Covington, ed., "A Robbery on the Santa Fe Trail, 1827"

  17. Winter 1955, No. 4
    Merrill J. Mattes, intro., "Patrolling the Santa Fe Trail: Reminiscences of John S. Kirwin"

  18. Autumn 1957, No. 3
    William E. Unrau, "The Story of Fort Larned"

  19. Winter 1957, No. 4
    George E. Omer, Jr., "An Army Hospital: From Dragoons to Rough Riders--Fort Riley, 1853-1903"

  20. Winter 1957, No. 4
    W. Stitt Robinson, ed., "The Kiowa and Comanche Campaign of 1860 as Recorded in the Personal Diary of Lt. J. E. B. Stuart"

  21. Spring 1958, No. 1
    George E. Omer, Jr., "An Army Hospital: From Horses to Helicopters--Fort Riley, 1904-1957"

  22. Spring 1970, No. 1
    Morris F. Taylor, "The Mail Station and the Military Camp on Pawnee Fork, 1859-1860"

  23. Summer 1971, No. 2
    Louise Barry, "The Ranch at Walnut Creek Crossing"

  24. Autumn 1972, No. 3
    Louise Barry, "The Ranch at Little Arkansas Crossing"

  25. Winter 1972, No. 4
    Louise Barry, "The Ranch at Cow Creek Crossing (Beach Valley, P.O."

  26. Spring 1973, No. 1
    Louise Barry, "The Ranch At the Great Bend, Kansas"

  27. Summer 1973, No. 2
    Louise Barry, "Fort Aubrey, Kansas"

  28. Autumn 1973, No. 3
    Louise Barry, "The Ranch at Cimarron Crossing"

  29. Summer 1974, No. 2
    Leo E. Oliva, "Fort Atkinson on the Santa Fe Trail, 1850- 1854"

  30. Spring 1977, No. 1
    R. Douglas Hurt, "The Construction and Development of Fort Wallace, Kansas, 1865-1882"

  31. Summer 1977, No. 2
    Timothy A. Zwink, "E. W. Wynkoop and the Bluff Creek Council, 1866"

  32. Autumn 1977, No. 3
    Minnie Dubbs Millbrook, "An Old Trail Plowed Under--Hays to Dodge"

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