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Mountain Route - Fort Mann, Kansas to Fort Union, New Mexico

  1. Fort Mann, Kansas Ford County, Kansas

  2. Fort Atkinson, Kansas Ford County, Kansas

  3. The Caches Ford County, Kansas

  4. Point of Rocks Ford County, Kansas

  5. Lower Crossing Ford County, Kansas

  6. Sept. 10, 1825 Survey Team Campsite Ford County, Kansas

  7. Dodge City Ruts Howell, Kansas Ford County, Kansas

  8. Point of Rocks Garden City, Kansas Finney County, Kansas

  9. Charlie's Ruts West of Deerfield Kearny County, Kansas

  10. Neff Ruts East of Lakin Kearny County, Kansas

  11. Fort Aubry Hamilton County, Kansas

  12. Bent's New Fort Bent County, Colorado

  13. Old Fort Lyon Bent County, Colorado

  14. Bent's Old Fort Bent County, Colorado

  15. Wagon Mound Mora County, New Mexico

  16. Fort Union Number 1 -- Mora County, New Mexico

  17. Fort Union, New Mexico, "The Star Fort" Number 2 -- Mora County, New Mexico

  18. Fort Union, New Mexico Number 3 -- Mora County, New Mexico

Santa Fe Trail Research Site

Santa Fe Trail Research Site
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