"Elm Grove Camp Ground"
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Elm Grove Campsite

     Elm Grove, another campground located two and a half miles northwest of Round Grove or Lone Elm on the so called Westport Road branch of the Santa Fe Trail.

     Elm Grove was a separate major campground two and one-half miles northwest of Lone Elm on the same creek (Cedar Creek). It was also the location referred to in the Sibley survey as Caravan Grove. George Sibley surveyed the Elm Grove campsite in an effort to find a shorter route through the region. Travelers, and later trails scholars, often confused it with the Lone Elm campsite, located 2.25 miles to the south on the same creek.

     Today the sites of Elm Grove and Lone Elm remain relatively undeveloped, but the city limits of Olathe, Kansas are rapidly encroaching on them. The Olathe Parks Department has a strong desire to save Elm Grove for parkland and historical interpretation, just as it already has done for Lone Elm. The City of Olathe is in the process of saving some 80 acres of Lone Elm for a park and interpretation center.

Richard L. Wilson, 1841
     Giving the slip to a couple of days, just at sunset on the second, we descended a precipitous declivity to a place of which nothing remained but the name Elm Grove, and one solitary logan of a stricken tree "To mark where an Elm grove had been." A beautiful rivulet bubbled forth from the base of the hill, and as we wound our way down, we spied a single campfire. . . of an old Mexican hunter.

Elm Grove Campsite

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