"Fort Hays, Kansas"
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Fort Hays Ellis County Kansas

     Fort Hays, Ellis County, Kansas on the Fort Hays/Fort Dodge Road. Fort Hays was relocated to this location as a U. S. Army post in June 1867 from it's original location on Big Creek south of Walker, Kansas. The first location was called Fort Fletcher and was established October 11, 1865. Fort Fletcher was abandoned on May 5, 1866. On October 17, 1866 Fort Fletcher was regarrisoned by Company C, Third U.S. Infantry. The second site was located several hundred yards northeast of the first location, on the right bank of the North Fork of Big Creek. Fort Fletcher became Fort Hays on November 17, 1866. This location on Big Creek was prone to flooding and was moved to it's present location south of Hays, Kansas, this site was officially occupied on June 23, 1867.

     In a letter from Headquarters of the Army Adjutant General's Office, Washington, dated August 31, 1889, the recommendation to abandon three forts in the west read:

General Orders No. 69
     The following recommendations of the Major General Commanding, having been approved by the Secretary of War, are published for the information of all concerned:

     The garrisons of Fort Laramie, Wyoming, Fort Hays, Kansas, and Fort Lyon, Colorado, will be withdrawn and the several posts named will be abandoned: and the troops thus withdrawn will be assigned to other stations by the Division Commander.

     A regiment of Infantry will be ordered from the Department of the Missouri or the Department of the Platte to take station in the Department of Texas.

     The commanding General, Division of the Missouri, will give the necessary orders to carry these changes into effect, as soon as it can be done with due regard to economy.

     By command of Major General Schofield:
Acting Adjutant General.

     A custodian was appointed to protect the physical property and then on March 28, 1900 Congress passed an act granting the military reservation of 7600 acres to the State of Kansas.

Fort Hays Ellis County Kansas

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